Do you implement Resco on your own? You can count on us to help 

Giuseppe Felice driving customer satisfaction

Giuseppe Felice, a key account manager at Resco, shares 3 ways he helps customers who implement Resco solutions internally.  

Resco offers software solutions that make the lives of mobile workers easy. Most Resco customers have an implementation partner that sets everything up for them. However, some customers choose to implement Resco on their own.  

We understand how challenging this might be and are here to help. Giuseppe Felice, Key Account Manager at Resco, communicates directly with some of our biggest clients. All his accounts currently implement Resco internally, with their IT team, with no involvement of external implementation partners. He shares info about the tools he has in his belt to keep his clients happy.  

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Organizing workshops

Giuseppe is keen on building trust with his clients and getting them engaged from the start. A solid relationship with the key account is crucial for the success of any business. “The first step is for the client to know there’s always someone there at any hour of the day to help them out.”

Good rapport can go a long way in a successful project, particularly because of how customizable Resco is.

Guiseppe explains: “Every client is using the technology differently. That’s why organizing workshops involving our product managers and the product consultant team is important. We can better understand how the client plans to use Resco and give him some additional tips. It also helps us internally to serve the client in the future better.”

Giuseppe Felice posing in the Resco office

Giuseppe suggests organizing bi-weekly calls with his clients. This way, they can update each other on how the project is going and solve issues as they arise.

Giuseppe mentions an example of how this approach helps: “One of our biggest clients, manufacturing medical devices in the US, was having an issue with the sync times. We organized workshops where we involved the support team and the product consultant team. As a result, we lowered their sync times from 30 minutes to 45 seconds. This helped them internally and also saved time for their technicians.”

Providing support quickly

If clients have questions, it is important to have them answered as quickly as possible. They don’t have time to lose waiting for an answer, as waiting might slow down their implementation process.

Giuseppe suggests using the Resco support ticketing system. He says, “This helps us to solve any problem as soon as possible, with the overview of our dev and support team.”

Staying in touch proves beneficial even when it comes to solving issues. “If a support ticket is sent out, I have an overview of it. With the help of the support team, we can always push it as a priority.”

Giuseppe Felice at a notebook in the Resco office

Giuseppe’s approach brings fruit: “Actually, feedback that I get from all my clients is how quickly we reply to their questions.”

Pointing to resources

Resco Wiki is a knowledge base that Giuseppe uses every day. As the primary documentation source for Resco products, it contains a wealth of information, documentation, guides, and resources. It is a comprehensive reference for users, administrators, developers, and anyone interested in Resco.

Giuseppe says: “It’s a great source of information to solve any type of problem. I suggest all my clients add a bookmark.”

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Giuseppe Felice

As a Key Account Manager at Resco, Giuseppe aims to ensure companies from different industries get the help they need to digitalize processes by utilizing mobile software for fieldwork and asset maintenance. He has a vast history of identifying clients’ needs in the digital transformation journey and analyzing possible solutions to help businesses create more efficient and time-saving processes.