Meet Resco’s new MVP: Steffen Hackmann from TSO-DATA

Resco MVP certificate for Steffen Hackman

We’re thrilled to announce that Steffen Hackmann has been awarded the Resco Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title for September 2022 – September 2023.

The Resco MVP Award is an award that recognizes individuals actively sharing their technology, business, and industry knowledge with the Resco community and leaders inside their organization.

All of us at Resco recognize and appreciate Steffen’s outstanding contributions. And today, we’d like to introduce him and his work to you.

Steffen, congratulations on this recognition! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Thanks for the recognition of my work during the last few years. I’m the team leader of a Dynamics 365 Implementation and development team at TSO-DATA in Germany.

I started to work at TSO 11 years ago during my business informatics study program and have never left. I work with Resco technology since 2015.

My role now is mainly about consultancy and project management tasks in Dynamics 365 projects in the DACH region.

I have a small family, like to play tennis and spend time with family and friends.

What’s your approach when it comes to customers?

I would say that I’m pretty experienced when it comes to understanding customers and transferring their requirements into business software solutions.

I try to see every customer as an individual and to match their business with past experiences and solutions in our toolbox. And Resco is an important part of our toolset.

There are several big business challenges companies are dealing with nowadays. What are the most pressing ones that you are hearing about from your customers?

Digital transformation is the basic topic behind all projects we are working on.

That means not only rebuilding the existing processes but rethinking them with a new perspective with new technologies that the Microsoft Cloud and Resco have to offer.

What trends are you seeing in enterprise mobility? Where do you see the industry being in 5 years?

I think integrating the whole supply chain into business processes is a key aspect. For example, a mobile app for vendors or end customers that communicates with the core business software components.

The major problem is that the media often breaks, and humans’ manual work becomes necessary.

That also reflects the digital transformation approach from the previous question. The usage of mobile devices is increasing.

So, we as an implementation partner need reliable technology to build these apps on.

In what areas do you consider yourself to be an expert?

When it comes to Resco solutions, I would say that I have a pretty good overview of the full solution stack.

But in particular, we have had great success implementing custom offline HTML solutions to deliver a fast user experience, especially in combination with the powerful offline capabilities.

I’m not a developer, but I have designed a few successful solutions for scenarios with no other available solution. But you are nothing without your team, so this award is also thanks to the guys in the background.

What are some of the problems that Resco solves really well?

I think Resco is pretty good when it comes to addressing the correct business needs having answers where, in our case, Microsoft still has gaps in their offerings.

I’m talking about real offline, security or solutions for all mobile operating systems.

Do you have a standout Resco project that you’ve worked on?

We finished a project at the beginning of 2022, with a scenario of Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Business Central, and Resco Mobile CRM.

We used Resco Mobile CRM to implement a custom offline sales order creation solution. What sounds pretty straightforward is sometimes more complex than you would expect.

In this case, we had an average of 200 lines per order and the salespersons created a lot of them daily. So, speed and logical validations were key.

This means using the solution completely without a mouse or touch, only via keyboard, was a must.

On top of it, we created a barcode scanner to capture order lines and a Resco Mobile Report to print out barcodes for the products at the point of sale.

That was a challenging scenario, but it worked out thanks to Resco technology.

You became a Resco MVP by being a leader inside your organization – promoting Resco solutions and working on multiple projects hands-on. What would you recommend to other Resco professionals looking to become MVPs?

Always have an open mind and fill up your personal toolbox with technologies, tools, ideas, etc. One of my favorite sayings is, “if you only have a hammer, everything is a nail”. So, everything inside your toolbox will help you to find solutions for future challenges.

You’ll be attending resco.NEXT in Lisbon and will also participate in one of the expert panels. What are you looking forward to the most?

Two things. One is the Resco roadmap and the second is to getting in touch with our people again and seeing each other in person. I think we have all missed that in the last 2 years.

You can connect with Steffen on LinkedIn and learn more about TSO-DATA.


Become the next Resco MVP

Resco MVPs are recognized as experts in the community. This helps them with career building and increases business opportunities for the organization they represent.

On top of that, Resco MVPs enjoy a range of direct benefits from Resco, such as:

  • exposure in our marketing channels
  • free entrance to resco.NEXT
  • priority access to market development funds and co-marketing possibilities

If you know someone or consider yourself a worthy candidate for the Resco MVP award, please send an email to partners@resco.net with the subject line “Resco MVP nomination.”

We are looking forward to recognizing more exceptional Resco experts and influencers!