Resco Partner Awards 2022 are underway: Send your winning customer project

Logos of resco.NEXT 2022 and Resco Partner Awards 2022 on gradient background

We are excited to be organizing the fourth annual Resco Partner Awards!

It is our pleasure to recognize partners that innovate work processes, deliver outstanding business results and, most importantly, transform customers’ businesses for the better.

And as the last year, we have three categories to celebrate:

  • Partner of the Year
  • Breakthrough Partner of the Year
  • Business Impact of the Year

The first two don’t require any input from you and will be evaluated based on available partner KPIs.

But the Business Impact of the Year award holds an opportunity for every partner to tell your success story, celebrate the achievements of your employees, and show what’s possible with mobile technology.

Regardless of where you’re based, your size, or how long you’ve been working with Resco.

So read on to find out more about how to apply and the benefits & prizes.

Business Impact Award – what is it?

This award recognizes the results of a strong partnership between a partner and client they’ve helped transform the business.

We are seeking inspiring and successful stories of how partners made a real impact and delivered meaningful and sustainable changes to customers with Resco technology. Just like last year’s winner FIELDBOSS.

We are looking for stories supporting the mission of empowering organizations with innovative mobile solutions, especially their deskless workers, to achieve more.

Resco Partner Awards 2019 ceremony in Rome
The Resco Partner Awards 2022 winners & finalists will be announced at resco.NEXT conference in Lisbon.

How will be the submissions assessed?

The winner and finalists should have demonstrated creative problem-solving and leadership, so that the whole customer project is successful – not just the technical implementation.

We will assess the submissions with the following criteria:

  • Measurable: e.g., time saved, increase in clients revenue, number of customers visited, presentations made, decreased sync time, etc.
  • Qualitative: proven by a customer testimonial or quote, e.g., improved collaboration among teams, increased data quality, increased worker satisfaction, etc.
  • Project size: number of active Resco users in the client’s organization
  • Unique IP: we consider it a plus if a partner used a custom solution that they built on Resco technology

Why to apply

The awards bring greater visibility and highlight the expertise of top software integrators from the Resco partner ecosystem.

Becoming an award winner or finalist helps partners to:

  • Establish their company as a leader in enterprise mobility
  • Create new & stronger business opportunities
  • Increase market recognition
  • Generate positive press coverage

The winner and finalists will be featured in follow-up press releases, blogs and other marketing activities, and will receive a marketing kit (award logos, press template, designation badge, photos & video, etc.), so they can promote their accomplishment.

On top of that, the winner will receive two complimentary passes for the resco.NEXT 2023 conference, 4,000 EUR in market development funds, and other valuable rewards.

The winner and finalists will be publicly announced on October 6, 2022, during the Resco Partner Awards ceremony at resco.NEXT 2022 conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

We’re looking forward to receiving your entries! You can apply until September 9.

Submit your winning customer project

In case of questions, drop us an email at partners@resco.net