Meet Resco’s new MVP: Osumi Yuichiro from Hitachi Solutions

Resco MVP Osumu Yuichiro featured image

We’re thrilled to announce that Osumi Yuichiro has been awarded the Resco Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title for 2023.

The Resco MVP Award is an annual award that recognizes individuals actively sharing their technology, business, and industry knowledge with the Resco community and/or leaders inside their organization.

As a Microsoft Field Service and Resco Application Solution Architect at Hitachi Solutions, Osumi works alongside 3,500+ professionals across the globe to innovate and build sustainable business modernization solutions. Their aim is to support and accelerate digital transformation initiatives of their customers.

Osumi is a hands-on professional, who talks with customers, promotes and implements the most suitable solutions. With Resco certifications and a great team under his leadership he has brought big deals to Resco this past year and our collaboration has been very intense.

Resco MVP Osumi Yuichiro on stage

All of us at Resco recognize and appreciate Osumi’s outstanding contributions. And today, we’d like to introduce him and his work to you.

Osumi, congratulations on this recognition! Can you tell us how did you get to know Resco?

I have been working with Resco for 5 years. At first, I knew Field One, which was the default mobile app of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Field Service using Resco technology.

I appreciate Resco’s strong offline capability and usability from end-user point of views. To me, it stands out that the Resco app is very stable.

How do you see enterprise mobility trends in your field of work? What innovations do you see coming in the world of digital transformation?

Every field worker will get their work done at first visit by using remote assist and AI analysis. The ideal environment for these tools is online. But in the real world, our customers sometimes have low or no connection.

Resco app’s strong point is that it works offline. We will need to come up with an innovation to fill the gap between online and offline in order to make the remote assist and AI analysis tools work offline.

You attended the resco.NEXT conference in Lisbon. Hitachi Solutions even won the Breakthrough Partner of the Year award. What were your biggest takeaways, and what did you like the most?

We got the most valuable takeaways from in-person consulting time. We could consult the problems our customer had with Resco experts. Personally, I liked Woodford tasting at the evening reception the most 😊

Resco MVP Osumi Yuichiro casual

You became a Resco MVP by being a leader inside your organization – promoting Resco solutions and working on projects. What would you recommend to other Resco professionals looking to become MVPs?


Just work closely with Resco expert team and customers. They are knowledgeable about the real field work.

Thank you for the interview, Osumi. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

The world and technology keep growing. Let’s overtake it with Resco, make the most of it, and incorporate it in our solution.

Become the next Resco MVP

Resco MVPs are recognized as experts in the community. This helps them with career building and increases business opportunities for the organization they represent.

On top of that, Resco MVPs enjoy a range of direct benefits from Resco, such as exposure in our marketing channels, free entrance to resco.NEXT, priority access to market development funds and co-marketing possibilities, and more.

If you know someone or consider yourself a worthy candidate for the Resco MVP award, please send an email to partners@resco.net with the subject line “Resco MVP nomination.”

We are looking forward to recognizing more exceptional Resco experts and influencers!