Unlocking growth through co-marketing: your gateway to new business 


In competitive business segments, collaboration is one of the strategies that works very well to generate new business prospects and drive growth. 

At Resco, we understand the power of partnership. That is why we have created a wide range of co-marketing opportunities for our valued partners. This article will introduce you to the growth opportunities you will have access to as a Resco partner.  

Here’s what some of our partners have experienced through our co-marketing efforts: 

“The lead-generation campaign allowed us to reach out to a wide range of companies and individuals that we wouldn’t have the time to reach out to otherwise. It has allowed us to build a pipeline of potential business that can be followed up in line with potential new customers’ timeline requirements, often many months from initial inquiry.”

said Millie Beere, Product Manager at HG Technology

Millie Beere from HG Technology summarizes the benefits of the co-marketing Linked In campaign

Look out for more partners’ testimonials further in the article. Let us give you a short overview of the benefits of co-marketing.  

What is co-marketing? 

Co-marketing is a strategic alliance between Resco and our partners, where we work together to achieve common marketing goals, such as elevating your brand, reaching new audiences, and boosting your bottom line. 

What are the benefits of co-marketing? 

  • Generating new leads: Co-marketing with Resco gives you access to new leads and potential customers. Our tailored campaigns are designed to connect you with high-quality prospects. 
  • Saving marketing costs: With co-marketing, you share the costs with us. This means you can achieve more with your marketing budget while accessing Resco’s industry knowledge. 
  • Leveraging our marketing know-how: Leverage Resco’s years of experience and benefit from our insights and proven tactics. 
  • Reaching a wider audience & having more visibility: Co-marketing activities give you exposure beyond your current reach and expand your market presence. 
  • Customized marketing collateral: Receive marketing collateral customized to your needs, including translation services. We tailor our support to align with your specific goals and target markets. 

Every co-marketing activity we offer is customizable to your unique requirements, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your objectives. It is open to all partners who meet Resco’s internal eligibility criteria. 

Your role in co-marketing 

To make the most of co-marketing opportunities, we invite our partners to take a pro-active approach and commit to the following: 

  • Share marketing costs 
  • Nurture leads generated from co-marketing activities 
  • Provide progress reports to Resco

By doing so, you not only maximize the benefits but also contribute to the success of our joint endeavours. 

Detailed list of co-marketing opportunities we offer

Digital marketing: LinkedIn leads generation 

  • Benefit: Get high-quality LinkedIn leads by running a three-month long campaign 
  • Expected Outcomes: Approximately 600 new connections, 50 high-quality leads, and two business opportunities 
  • Campaign Value: €5,500 (campaign costs are split between a partner and Resco)  

Customer success story video 

  • Benefit: Resco handles the project management duties of video production and promotion  
  • Expectations: Partners arrange on-site customer interviews and participate in the video 
  • Example: Watch the video about Stony Valley
This is an example of a Customer story success video

Partner spotlight 

  • Benefit: Provides visibility through Resco’s own media channels, improves off-page SEO, validates brand positioning as knowledgeable experts.
  • Opportunities: Case studies, interviews, in-depth technical blog articles, promotion videos, press releases, white papers, and accompanying social media posts. Creative ideas for more types of content are always welcome.  

Event marketing: external conferences and trade shows 

  • Benefit: Resco co-finances and promotes third party events for new customers 
  • Expectations: Partners find suitable events, prepare materials, and nurture leads 

Resco Engage: local event collaboration 

  • Benefit: Partner-hosted events for potential new customers, with Resco’s support 
  • Expectations: Partners suggest venues, define target groups, and invite contacts 

Marketing development funds (MDF) 

  • Benefit: Budget for partner-led marketing activities 
  • Expectations: Partners create marketing plans, promote Resco, and share results 

Other Opportunities 

  • These may vary based on partner needs and can be discussed individually

Reach out to us

These are the co-marketing activities that have proven effective for our partners. We are more than happy to discuss new ideas.

Our team consists of graphic designers, copywriters, videographers, social media specialists, campaign specialists, and events specialists. We often collaborate with dedicated agencies for SEO, content, and auditing to strengthen our impact.  

Jonathan Taub, President of Rimrock Corporation, attests to our commitment:

“The Resco team dedicates significant time and effort to activities such as collaborative webinars and targeted marketing campaigns. They’re also incredibly helpful in tackling challenging sales scenarios.” 

To get information on how we can work together reach out to your Resco Businness Development Manager or partners@resco.net.