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Power Platform Masterclass Vol. 2, Day 3: Fabric integration and data visualization in Power BI 

In the final part of the Power Platform Masterclass, we bring the data story full circle. In this session, we delve into the data collected by Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning, through questionnaires discussed in our previous session. We demonstrate the end-to-end process of data handling – from offloading and optimizing storage in Fabric to generating insights in Power BI.  

We discuss the potential future impact of Fabric, including the cost of data storage and the possibility of reducing the Inspections data footprint. Then, we look at the data processing in Notebooks and finally build a simple report.   

We cover:

  • Best practices for working with big data 
  • Using Fabric to prepare the data for analysis 
  • Building a report with Power BI 

Read more about the webinar series in our blog Build end-to-end mobile business solutions: Join the Power Platform Masterclass vol. 2   

  • Duration: 30 minutes (including Q&A)
  • Speakers: Marek Rodak, Knowledge Specialist, and Matej Vanik, Developer
  • Prerequisite: Power Platform Masterclass Vol. 2, Day 2: Inspections solution low-code customization   


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