Use co-marketing packages to promote your activities

Do you want to get more exposure, attract new customers, and position yourself as an innovative leader in the world of business mobility? We have you covered!

Get the most out of our partnership

Take your marketing strategy to the next level. Joining our efforts creates a co-marketing synergy that allows you, as Resco partner, to:


Generate new leads and save on marketing costs


Take full advantage of our marketing know-how


Reach a wider audience and get visibility

Stand out

Get marketing collateral customized to your needs

Raise awareness and gain new opportunities

Digital marketing package

Personalized, targeted lead-generation campaign on the worlds’s largest professional network

By using one of your selected LinkedIn profiles, we will deliver new high-quality leads for your full-service lead-generation campaign on LinkedIn. From targeting and messaging to weekly status calls, here’s what you can anticipate within a 3-month campaign:

  • ~ 600 new connections
  • ~ 50 high-quality leads for your sales pipeline
  • ~ 2 opportunities

The full cost of the 3 months campaign is ~5.500€. Resco will co-finance the campaign.

Video production and promotion of a customer success story

Did you solve your customer’s problems?Tell the world about it with a video success story. Resco will handle everything from production, editing, and promotion to marketing exposure in various channels.

You, as a partner, are expected to:

  • Arrange an appointment with the customer on-site
  • Appear in the video to share your perspective on the project

Paid promotion across various channels, targeting your ideal customers

Increasing awareness via Resco’s Newsletter, Blog, Interviews, and Social Media, reaching ~4600 followers. We also offer translations into local languages.

Get funding and expert help for events

Event marketing package

3rd party external conferences and trade shows

Resco will provide co-financing and promotion for a 3rd party event aimed at new customers. Our sales professionals and product consultants with in-depth technology knowledge are ready to join you.

You, as a partner, are expected to:

  • Find a suitable event in the region
  • Prepare collaterals, video content, or demos in collaboration with us
  • Have the capacity to nurture and process gained leads

Local event collaboration aimed at potential or existing customers

Resco gives partners an opportunity to invite prospects from their region and demonstrate tailor-made hands-on experience with Resco products, demos, etc. We will help with organizing, financing, and promoting the event.

You, as a partner, are expected to:

  • Suggest a suitable venue and agenda
  • Define target group and invite 80% of contacts in the region

Webinar with paid promotion across various channels, targeting your ideal customers

We will provide you with Resco professionals to offer technical expertise and knowledge & our hosting platform (GoToWebinar).

You, as a partner, are expected to:

  • Prepare an interesting piece of content that will bring value to prospects
  • Provide a list of contacts/companies/countries/industries that you want to target

We got you covered with marketing development funds, translations, and more

Other co-marketing activities

Marketing development funds

Budget for marketing development to be used for partner’s marketing activities, with minimal to no help from Resco for pre-approved activities.

You, as a partner, are expected to:

  • Provide a clear plan of the chosen marketing activity
  • Promote Resco in said activity
  • Share output with Resco

Translations of assets

Resco can provide translation of sales materials and marketing enablement assets to have everything customized to your needs and market.

Your activity can be here!

Reach out to us to explore options for gaining more visibility and getting leads.

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What our partners achieved thanks to Resco co-marketing activities

  • Photo of Millie Beere

    LinkedIn leads generation campaign gained 77 new leads

    The campaign allows us to reach out to a wide range of companies and individuals that we wouldn’t have the time to reach out to otherwise. We wouldn’t be able to have this many conversations without it. It has allowed us to build a pipeline of potential business that can be followed up in line with potential new customers timeline requirements, often many months from initial enquiry. Millie Beere Product Manager, HG Technology
  • Photo of Jonathan Taub

    Rimrock and Resco cooperation on a webinar helped them gain three new customers

    The Resco team dedicates significant time and effort to activities such as collaborative webinars and targeted marketing campaigns. They're also incredibly helpful in tackling challenging sales scenarios. Jonathan Taub President, Rimrock Corporation
  • Photo of Ron Spence

    A video customer success story opened doors to industry leaders

    We cooperated with Resco on a video that showcased our solution for Stony Valley. It has brought us exposure and awareness; important relationships were formed with key players in the Canadian oil and gas sector. Ron Spence CEO, Spence Software
    Watch the Stony Valley success story video

Frequently asked questions

How does a co-marketing activity usually work?

Contact your Business Development Manager or Klaudia ( from the Partner Team to discuss your options and expectations. This is commitment-free, so you can safely explore your co-marketing options.

Does a contract need to be signed?

A co-marketing contract is required only when costs are shared. You, as the partner, must have a valid partnership agreement with us to be eligible for co-marketing activities.

Is there a limit on the number of activities I can do in a year? How far in advance can an activity be planned?

There is no set limit, however, it depends on the availability of the Resco marketing department and resources. There are no limits in planning; both parties must agree.

Take your marketing strategy to the next level

Reach out to your Resco account manager or send us an email. We look forward to future cooperation.