Salesforce Chatter in Resco: Start to communicate through the world’s #1 enterprise network

Salesforce Chatter integration in Resco

Several exciting news was introduced in the latest Update of Resco solutions, and integration of Salesforce Chatter is one of them. In this blog, we explain more details about the Chatter in Resco and provide you with some tips on making the best from it.

Salesforce Chatter: What is it?

Chatter is a popular real-time communication platform used in the Salesforce ecosystem. It is often referred to as the world’s biggest enterprise social network. Chatter allows users to interact on work-related records, like work orders, contacts, or service cases, in a private and distraction-free environment.

Collaboration is possible through messages, posts, comments, likes, or file exchange. Thanks to its functionality, Chatter is an important addition for companies in improving internal communication and data sharing across departments.

Chatter in Resco: What is available to you?

Since December 2020, Chatter is also available for all Resco users working with Salesforce backend. If you are one of them, you can now securely exchange information, view record updates, and collaborate more efficiently thanks to the new integration. The newly added feature allows posting messages, pictures, or comments related to any  record in your Resco app, such as accounts or work orders.

When creating a text update to the record, you can also take advantage of the rich text formatting. This way, it is possible to format text into a more scannable format or highlight the most important parts. It makes your message more readable and understandable for your colleagues. You can also use emoticons in conversations. They are excellent in making work communication a little more human.

Another way of information sharing through Chatter in Resco is image sharing. You can easily attach pictures to your posts or comments and add visual information to the conversation. It can come in handy when field technicians need to share details about objects outside the office. For the purpose of information sharing, it can also be beneficial to use enhanced image editing capabilities when sharing the photos taken in the field.

What about the offline functionality?

Many users of Resco rely on the mobile app in an offline scenario. While Chatter is mainly intended for real-time communication, these workers can still take some advantage of it. Users can see up to 1000 posts per object even in offline mode. Thanks to this, it is possible to get back to the data from Chatter when needed. Also, posts, comments, or likes carried out in offline mode will be synced afterward.

Resco Chatter integration allows to set three different synchronization rules to keep up with the latest news in record’s chatter feed:

  • Always – the feed is refreshed automatically when user opens the related records and internet connections is available. Hence the app shows the most up-to-date Chatter feed. As a bonus, the latest news are kept in offline database and readily available next time user opens the record.
  • On click – Chatter shows feed as it is in offline database, but user can refresh it by simply clicking on refresh button, which is available above the Chatter component in the app for this purpose
  • Never – Feed will be synced only during the synchronization of all data in app

How to enable Chatter in Resco?

If you want to start use Chatter in your Resco for Salesforce or Inspections app, you can enable it in just a few simple steps. Firstly, you need to enable specific Chatter parameters in Salesforce. Afterward, proceed with adding the Chatter tab to the Resco form in Woodford. You can find the detailed instruction on how to integrate Chatter at the Resco wiki page.

Start with Chatter in your app

Chatter integration brings a new way of collaboration to the Resco apps. It can serve as a secure environment for your internal communication while also offering a way to reduce slower email conversation or spark innovation. The possibilities are many. We hope Chatter will be a helpful new way to connect for you.

If you don’t use Resco solutions for Salesforce yet, you can download it from AppExchange and try it for free.

You can also contact us directly at salesforce@resco.net.