3 of my favorite gems from the Resco Autumn Update ‘20 – Salesforce edition


By Marek Estok, Lead Salesforce Engineer 

#1: Inspections Managed Package – in Salesforce 

Questionnaire Templates in any language

Sometimes, it almost feels like we live in a world where everyone speaks EnglishWell, that is far from true. An option to “switch to your native language” is always a plus. Being able to show customers questionnaire report in their language is even better. At business meetings, when visiting websites or using apps at work, being able to collaborate with your colleagues or friends in a variety of languages breaks barriers and invokes the true spirit of diversity.  

Some countries would always prefer to work, think, and talk in their native language. Resco customers hail from more than 100 countries across the globe. Many businesses we support are truly international and global. Now, one questionnaire template in Resco Inspections can be readily translated from one language to another right in the Questionnaire Designer, or you can export the localization file and pass it to a contracted translation service. In the app, users can switch questionnaires from Mandarin to French in an instantIf you are an admin, you can select the preferred language/s or let the workers choose the appropriate language when the questionnaire is opened 


#2: Woodford 

New Home Screen designeActivity Timeline  

Four years ago, we became a part of the Salesforce community. Ever since, we see – more than ever – how important the look and feel is not just for the mobile users, but also for admins, the artists behind the experience of their people in the field. Salesforce is for the enterprise worldwhat Apple is in consumer electronics. It makes sure users see and feel the app’s beauty and power at the first sight and click. Hence our commitment to improve and innovate Resco’s technology look ‘n feel in every single release 
This Autumn, we once again enhanced the visual side of the Woodford configurator. The home screen is the first thing mobile workers see when launching the app. Now, when managers and admins design the Home screen, they get previews. And more.  

A timeline of your past or upcoming activities always at hand is a must for any technician, sales guy, or anyone working on multiple tasks daily. Of course, it is now in the power of the manager or admin behind Woodford to add Timeline to mobile forms in a blink of an eyeAnd the best thing is: Timeline is not just limited to activitiesYou can add related records from multiple objectsstandard or custom ones, for the mobile users to see in chronological order. The people in the field can apply further filtering or choose a condensed view to get the maximum of their screen size. 
Home screen on Wiki  
Timeline on Wiki

#3: DocusignLegally Binding signatures available offline 

For Android users 

Resco on every mobile platform is firmly integrated with Docusign’s digital signature capabilities for quite some time, however, for a signing ceremony to be performed, your device used to need an internet connection. Well, this is not the case anymore for Android devices that can now benefit from 100% offline digital signatures (coming shortly to iOS, too).
strongly believe that electronic signatures can make a world of difference in many situations. No matter the industry, with every business transaction, there are always tons of legal and administrative documents involved. It is obviously a better choice for the environment. Just think about the forms you must sign when changing a telephone service. Or getting car insurance. Last, I went to the bank to get a loan, I remember the clerk nearly wracking down the copy machine to get my contract together 
Resco is integrating DocuSign into its mobile apps, so that users can have legally binding signatures directly in the app, even offline. So, from now on, Resco and Salesforce users can send, sign, and manage all legal work. Then they can upload the files and collect signatures that are automatically saved. 

# Bonus tips 

New AppExchange listing 

Our presence in the Salesforce world is very important to us. The new listing is almost a bit funky. But I love how clear its message has become with the recent update. It aims not just to list down the features of Inspections Lightning Apps Managed Package and the Inspections Apps in general. It tells a story too! 
Houston AR video calls for the back-office experts 

This is a new level of remote assistance. With Augmented Reality, Resco Houston lets field users “ask a friend” for help via AR video calls. Now, office teams can provide remote assistance on desktops and laptops, too. 
Resco Houston on Wiki
Chatter Beta – for Admins only 

We will be releasing Chatter integration shortly. In the meantime, admins can try this real-time collaboration tool in their environment and let us know if everything runs smoothly. Find a short guide here.   

Here are the complete release notes. Feel free to reach out to our sales guys, in case you have questions at salesforce@resco.net 
You can also sign up for our free virtual conference on November 12 – resco.next to see what’s coming next to Resco for Salesforce.