Apple Watch and mobile devices of all types are coming to in Vienna, are you?

Google Glass, Epson Moverio Smart Glasses, Sony SmartWatch 3, Apple Watch, smartphones and tablets of all kinds are making their way to 2015 in Vienna.

Wearable technology – fashionable toys or business tools?

Take a look at the smartphones. Since their invention no aspect of life has remained the same. Especially, they had a great impact on the business sector – more than anyone would have thought.
So thanks to smart mobile devices, the business now happens on the go, faster and more efficient.
With Apple Watch getting sold out in a matter of few hours just after the official pre-orders started, and other wearable devices flooding the market (Android Wear, Pebble, Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch, Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens, new gears from Samsung, etc.), you should start considering what’s the best wearable tech for you and your business.
Come and explore these trends of wearables in terms of CRM business at the conference 2015 in the session Revolution on the rise: The prospects of wearable technology in a business sector. You will see where the technology is heading, what are its pros & cons and how it transforms the way you’ll do business in the near future.
Moreover, during the conference you’ll be able to try out the wearable tech as well as Mobile CRM on mobile devices of all types running on iOS, Android or Windows.
Be part of it!  Join us at – The Mobile CRM Conference 2015 in Boston on September 14 – 15. 2015 is over

However, you can pre-register for the upcoming edition which will take place in Munich (EU) and Philadelphia (US) in autumn 2016. Find out all the latest details at the official conference website