Top 5 Business Apps for iPhone

Jobs’ vision of iPhone was clear. It was supposed to be the number 1 phone for any type of consumers. But somehow many people still lack a perception of iPhone as a good cell-phone for business. People still consider RIM’s Blackberry to be “the best” when it comes to business. That might not be true anymore. iPhone offers tons of very useful applications that can help you run your company, connect with customers, organize your time, etc. Let’s take a look at couple of such applications:
1. LinkedIn
Publisher: LinkedIn Corporation
Price: Free
LinkedIn is a professional network with over 120 million users. Do you want to have access to potential customers, mentors, investors and new employees everywhere you go? Try this wonderful app for free on your iPhone.

2. iTerminal
Publisher: AppNinjas
Price: Free (you pay for account and transactions)
Do you need to collect money from your customers on-the-go? iTerminal is a tremendously useful application which will help you to accept card payments from your customers anywhere. You will pay 25$ per month for you account and each successful transaction will cost you additional 30 cents + 2.29% of total. Will it be worth its price? You decide.

3. EasyTask Manager
Publisher: OrionBelt
Price: Free
Nice, clean and intuitive. This is how I expect all the business applications to look like. When it comes to computers, I expect the functionality. But when it comes to mobile phone, I prefer the ease of use. And this app offers it. Stay organized  – get EasyTask Manager for your iPhone.

4. Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader
Price: Free
Imagine your last business trip. A lot of expenses and receipts – taxi, transportation, hotel, drink, food and many more. I don’t know if everybody has the same problem as I have – my wallet is full of receipts everytime I come back from a business trip. I do often lose a lot of them. The application from Shoeboxed will help you to organize your receipts. You simply take a screenshot and upload it onto their server. You can review them later at anytime. Wicked!

5. Resco MobileCRM
Publiser: Resco
Price: Free
The power of DynamicsCRM in your cell phone. Access your tasks, customer info, appointments, invoices, use maps, open attachments and many more! Visit the mobile CRM website.

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