Switching from CWR to Resco Mobile CRM with ease

You probably know that as of February 2016 Resco has acquired all mobile CRM assets from CWR Mobility – including its technology, as well as the company’s customer & partner portfolio and activities.
A few weeks later we announced that we will continue to support CWR’s mobile CRM solution until June 30, 2017. And that after this date we will provide and support only our own Resco Mobile CRM.

So what’s next for CWR Mobile CRM customers and partners?

As our CEO, Rado Vozar, put it: “During this period, we will work with our partners and the CWR team to convert the CWR customers to our Resco Mobile CRM technology. We’ll do our very best to keep this process as smooth as possible, so that its result will be a win-win for us all.”
Even though mid-2017 might seem quite far away at the moment, we’d like to invite you to resco.next 2016 where we will showcase the entire migration process step-by-step. Attendees of the session titled Migrating from CWR to Resco – Tips, tricks, technical expertise & customer experience will also hear about the experience of our customers who already underwent the transition. Furthermore our technical expert for the CWR/Resco migration process will be available during the entire conference to answer any related questions and discuss your specific projects.

AUI Fine Foods share their migration experience

One of our customers who already completed their transition from CWR to Resco Mobile CRM is AUI Fine Foods – a company serving professional chefs across the United States for over 45 years with innovative tools that help them create unique culinary experiences for their guests.
It took mere 60 hours to replicate, test, document & deploy our CWR solution to Resco Mobile CRM. And, Resco’s app is so intuitive that it didn’t require virtually any training – our sales team just started to use it straightaway,” said Sojan Yadav, Vice-President of Information Technology at AUI Fine Foods about the switch.
After implementing Resco Mobile CRM, AUI Fine Foods noticed a significant upturn in data synchronization between the mobile client and the company’s Dynamics CRM server. It has become not only more stable, but significantly faster as well. “Our users regularly synchronize tens of thousands records, yet the sync times dropped from hours to approximately 10 minutes. They also really like visualizing records on a map and the possibility to send out PDF reports from their mobile devices,” Sojan explained.
He also revealed what helped the company ease into their new mobile CRM solution: “It was also an advantage that both apps (CWR and Resco) could be run on the same device in parallel, enabling us to confirm that everything works as expected and further simplifying the transition.”
“Overall, it was a seamless migration process and Resco Mobile CRM brought numerous handy new features which our team now utilize every day,” Sojan Yadav, VP of Information Technology at AUI Fine Foods concluded.

And there’s more

Register for resco.next 2016 to learn all there is and more about migrating from CWR to Resco Mobile CRM. Attending this educational conference designed for all mobile CRM enthusiasts you will also find out how to improve your Mobile CRM integration and customization results, explore real case studies and success stories told directly by our customers, get specialized technical training and advice from Resco’s team and expand your insights into the broader CRM market.
The European edition of the event will take place on November 3-4 in Munich. The American edition will land in Philadelphia just a couple of days later, on November 15-16. We look forward to meeting you there 🙂

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