Support Stories: How we saved the memories with Resco Audio Recorder


Quoting my colleague Ivan Stano: „978 and one new tech advancements we have seen over the last 10 years.“
We have seen tech transformations. Of phones, mobile OSs and yet, also Resco apps and products. But do you remember what was before 2010? It seems like ancient history, but some things or some revolutionary Resco apps will never be forgotten.

Resco Keyboard Pro. Resco Explorer. Resco Defender. Resco Bubbles. And finally…

Resco Audio Recorder. And that is the main character in this story.

It’s 2020. Resco support team receives an unusual customer request:

„ I allow myself to ask for your help with one of your old applications. I would like to know how I can play (or convert) an audio recording file that was created with Resco Audio Recorder on Windows mobile phone?“ Jerome MERCERON, Bugtic

Resco Audio Recorder was a big hit back in the early ’00s. Its superpower was the ability to record voice. Of course, the team of support gurus took this mission very seriously. If they only knew, they helped to restore a valuable old recording.  The story goes on:

“I was able to re-read my old .raf files and convert them to MP3. It was recordings of my son when he was very young, so I really wanted to make it work. Once again a BIG THANK you for your help 🙂
PS: even if the current mobiles are very powerful it made me funny and very happy to review the functioning of Windows mobile 6.1 and the Resco application which were very efficient on my 1st smartphone (HTC Jade)!” Jerome MERCERON, Bugtic

There is one great thing about being 21 years old (which is quite unique in the IT world!). From time to time we get to look back thanks to our loyal customers.