Session overview: The best of the technical track at 2017

As Resco’s main conference is approaching, with a little over 3 weeks to go, we wanted to bring you closer to the heart of the event – educational sessions, all dedicated to the ultimate business solution Resco Mobile CRM.
At the event, there will be 2 tracks consisting of 20+ technical and business sessions, and it’s up to you to pick and choose which ones you’d like to attend.
In this blog post, we will introduce you to the technical sessions (for beginners and advanced users as well) which will:

  • deepen your understanding of the current and future capabilities of the Resco Mobile CRM platform
  • enable you to explore the possibilities of seamless integration between other solutions (Microsoft NAV, AX, SAP, Exchange, etc.)
  • show you how to build and extend the solution for various usage scenarios, such as consumer apps, that meet the industry specific requirements
  • make you confident in setting up the Resco mobile client, knowing all the possibilities and learning the tips & tricks from the technical experts
  • get you hands-on with the customization tool of the mobile solution (Woodford) in the workshop and training, and put your knowledge into practice

Sessions in the technical track:

> Set up and manage your mobile sales project: An introduction

At the heart of Resco Mobile CRM is the customization tool Woodford. Get to know the tool inside out by attending this session – under the guidance of our Resco expert, you will learn how to bring a mobile application to life and see the most popular features showcased in practical examples. An ideal session to get you started at the conference!

> Admin tips and tricks to deliver the best mobile experience

To deliver a great mobile experience can be tricky. Resco offers a way to instantly create & deploy refined mobile applications, but how can you push the user experience to the next level? Discover tips & tricks and real life examples of actual steps you can take to make your apps loved by the users.

> Customize and extend Mobile CRM app with Offline HTML – Part 1 & 2

Is Mobile CRM’s standard user interface not enough for your projects? Have you ever wanted to create an offline HTML project with complex business logic, add product presentations or tailor-made order forms to your mobile app? Ever wondered how to add iframes with custom content to Resco Mobile CRM? This session is a true deep-dive into the advanced technical aspects, featuring JavaScript Bridge, iframes, business validation rules and explaining the asynchronous approach and callbacks.

> Resco Field Service from a technical point of view

Resco Field Service is not merely an app for service technicians. It is a complete solution with a full-blown service scheduler for the back office, clearly defined processes that facilitate case resolution and, of course, a mobile client reliably guiding the field staff even through the trickiest jobs. Get to know the system in detail and learn how to customize each part to accommodate any specific usage scenario.

> Mobile inspections: Guide your team every step of the way

Many scenarios that rely heavily on mobility include inspections in one form or another – be it performing a store check, surveying a customer or collecting metering data. Resco technology can be a backbone of effective inspection, especially with the new Survey module that has just been released. Find out how you can start utilizing it in your new or existing projects.

> Resco integration possibilities

Mobility from Resco extends far beyond Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. Join this session to learn how to connect Resco products with third-party systems (Microsoft NAV, AX, Oracle, SAP, etc.) utilizing advanced web services and plugins. We will not only walk you through the integration points, but also demonstrate how to keep multiple environments synchronized and show how you can build connectors for services such as Exchange, SharePoint and others.

> Better safe than sorry: Understanding device security management

Data encryption is an essential security tool for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of business information. But the security from Resco Mobile CRM goes even further. Entwined deeply within the solution, the enterprise security module offers a bulletproof combination of app features and our own mobile device management tools. Learn how system administrators can create custom security policies and profiles, remotely lock or wipe the app, enter login credentials, make use of multi-factor authentication, fingerprint login and more.

> Take full advantage of mapping functionalities in Resco

With interactive maps, route planning and navigation integrated in the Mobile CRM, users can plan their activities easier, create daily routes and always find the fastest way to their destination. But what if you want to draw up route plans for an entire team from your office? We will take a closer look at the mapping functionalities available, discuss the future of maps in CRM systems, and explain why separating and extending map-related capabilities can be a great offering for customers looking beyond mobile CRM.

> Build smarter consumer apps for municipalities

City Smart Services is built on Resco Consumer Apps technology to reduce the time needed for development and deployment for partners and customers. With all the designs, schemas and source codes serving as a starting point, discover how to deliver an entirely customized solution for municipalities. And you’ll also see how you can extend the solution to numerous other field service scenarios.

> What’s new and what’s coming? The latest features and Resco’s roadmap for 2018

Resco has seen a great deal of new features in its Summer Update (10.1) and even more’s coming in our Autumn Release (10.2). In this walkthrough, we will guide you through the most exciting features and show you how they work – complete with use case scenarios and instructions on how to set them up in Woodford. Get a head start by seeing many of the newest capabilities in action. And in an exclusive sneak peek at our strategy and roadmap for 2018, explore the future direction of Resco’s product lineup.

> Hands-on workshop: Put your knowledge to the test

Last, but not least, the highlight of this year’s conference will be the hands-on workshop that we are introducing for the first time! Whether you’re just getting started with Resco & Woodford or are well into Resco mobile projects, there’s something for everyone in this hands-on technical training. Under the guidance of Resco’s tech experts, you will create a utility app, configure it with various functionalities, learn how to resolve common issues and test your Woodford knowledge.
Hope you found the sessions of your utmost interest and marked them down to build your agenda for the event! If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us!
See you in Amsterdam!

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