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I am extremely lucky to work daily with non-profits from all over the world. It is not the main part of my job role, but it is certainly the most rewarding.  

It is a completely different experience compared to working with business clients.  

A business client might tell you “I need access to all my data all the time or the world stops turning” and we know that this statement can be slightly overexaggerated but, when a non-profit says this, what they mean is “I need access to all my data all the time or SOMEONE’s world stops turning. 
take a look at all the charities I work with and when I speak to the passionate people behind the name – I hear time and time again how Resco changed everything for themHaving access to data all the time (yes, even offline), a rapidly deployable app and quick & easy customization makes all the difference 

Let’s put a hypothesis together for how mobility can really help make a charity more efficient. 

Imagine a charity ‘We Love Dogs’. This charity works in over 15 countries with 150 volunteers – rescuing and monitoring dogs, saving them from dangers, abusive owners and just generally miserable lives. Imagine this charity integrated Salesforce and uses it to collect the dog’s photo, breed, chip status, last seen location – monitor owners and check that conditions are being met. Naturally, they head to the Salesforce mobile app, but problems soon arise from the volunteers’ side who live with the app and use it daily. Luckily, ‘We Love Dogs’ meet me at a dog’s center, and I help them get up and running with Resco.  
Now, ‘We Love Dogs’ can access data all the time even when they have no signal or no data. They can quickly update the dog’s location using Resco’s builtin GPS functions. They can scan barcodes and ‘We Love Dogs’ even implemented their own iFrame that can scan dogs’ microchips and return them to their owners quicker than ever before. They use Resco Inspections to complete dynamic questionnaires that guide the ever-changing volunteers through a complex flow of questions to ensure the dogs’ welfare. 
But they didn’t stop there. They built a consumer app on Resco which connects directly to Salesforce. Now dog owners, sponsors, potential parents and members of the public can access chosen Salesforce data, request information on a dog or report a stray dog or incident.  
Just imagine how efficient ‘We Love Dogs’ is now. They rescue and rehome more dogs than ever before and their volunteers are happier and spend their time helping dogs not fighting with technology. Imagine how Resco could change your non-profit! 
Although Resco supports multiple platforms I work on the Salesforce side of the business. Salesforce has been hugely generous in gifting free licenses to charities and Resco has followed in their footsteps. If you want to discuss how to streamline your non-profit, get in touch – . I am happy to answer any questions you might have.  
Also, did you know Resco has its own unique pricing for Nonprofits? Check it out here:

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