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Over the past few years, we have attended dozens of conferences and exhibitions, talked to countless prospects about their requirements, discussed the industry needs with our partners, did a lot of research, and made hundreds of calls. We did – and keep on doing – all this to get a deeper understanding of our customers’ pain-points, whether they are working in the field or in the back office. 

What’s next?  

Throughout the month of May, we are going to deliver three free online trainings in the form of webinars and online courses. You can get expert tips, practice with hands-on exercises, and see complex demonstrations of enterprise mobility at no cost.  

We’ll start on May 5th by showing you how Resco solutions for field service combined with wearable devices can skyrocket productivity. This will be followed by a technical training dedicated to Mobile Reports. Then, you can dive deep into Inspections for Industry verticals with our Product team, who will introduce the new solution and its powerful features.  

Who is it for?  

For everyone who wants to be up to date about the latest trends in business mobility and needs to tailor specific solutions for different industries and scales. 

How can you benefit from attending? 

By attending the trainings, you will: 

  • learn how to tune Resco solutions to customer business needs by applying a full range of features and functionalities  
  • dovetail innovation into Resco solutions 
  • test your new-gained knowledge with hands-on exercises  
  • meet Resco experts, gain extensive insights, and get a chance to consult your painpoints (limited capacity available! 

Detailed overview   

Overall, there will be 3 training sessions: 

You have implemented Field Service, your technicians utilize the mobile app, the managers are getting better insights and you can schedule your resources better. Now what?This webinar explores how to provide deeper and richer experiences for your Field Service stakeholders – for mobile users, as well as for scheduling dispatchers and company management. This training is based on examples of real use cases from customers taking advantage of the most advanced Resco solutions.Including a closer look at wearables such as smartwatches, smart glasses, AR/VR headsets, and beyond. 

Would you like to know how to quickly create documents on the go, using information from your database? Mobile Reports allow you to generate documents (e.g. an invoice or a service report) directly in the app, even in offline mode. Join us for this training and learn how to create your own customized mobile reports, including supported document file types, specific report elements (Header, Footer, Body, Grids, Signatures, Images, Fetches, etc.), design styles, variables types and uses.

Find out more about Resco’s latest solution – Inspections for Industry Verticals. Discover different use cases and how you can utilize them for your customers. Learn what it offers for manufacturing, energy, and property maintenance customers, and how to prepare and configure a live instance. The hands-on exercises will get you from the initial configuration to a full-fledged inspection application. 
 Also available online: 

  • with complex demonstration of Resco capabilities in real-life scenarios 

Resco Academy courses 

  • to gain practical experience by completing hands-on exercises 
  • to identify and deploy features that your clients can benefit from  


  • to help you out if you get stuck 
  • to discuss your painpoints related to the specific topic 

Did we spark your interest? 

Register for the online trainings here and take on the learning journey with us.  
In case of any questions or concerns, please contact us at partners@resco.net 

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