Welcome to Resco’s Community devoted to Salesforce

Hello Salesforce enthusiast!

We are officially welcoming you to our thriving community that is all about the Salesforce Offline Mobility. We’ve even created a special monthly newsletter on the topic to indulge in the needs and wants of the Salesforce community!
Does Resco Mobile CRM ring any bells to you? Are you or your company still on fence whether to say yes to an offline mobile solution for Salesforce? Ever heard of “the mobile sales & field service success”? Together with this Salesforce-dedicated newsletter, we are bringing Mobile Sales & Field Service success to your staff in-the-field. How exactly? Simply, by unveiling the perks of mobility with Resco’s news about the Salesforce Offline Mobility.

What’s awaiting you in Resco’s Newsletter?

We’re going to share hot news about Resco’s mobile technology straight from the oven! We don’t want to bombard you with crazy amounts of tech talks and hundred lines of information. From now on, you will only get regular updates about true offline CRM mobile solutions for Salesforce, called Resco Mobile CRM.
You’ll be the first to know about the  nifty features that make Resco Mobile CRM so powerful.  So, what to expect in your inbox each month?
1. First thing’s first. Observe and take notes

  • Understand the nature of mobility and why having all necessary CRM data in a device matters
  • Learn what a mobile worker (sales/field service) truly needs
  • Get familiar with an all-in-one solution (maps, route planner, calendar, email/doc integration, security, auditing…) that works offline

2. Become friends with an offline solution you can trust

  • Dive into the perks of mobility, explained & zoomed in to you feature by feature
  • Become a pro when utilizing Mobile CRM, based on technical, but also business know-how we’ll give you
  • Get your regular dose of expert advice, happenings from the Salesforce community, mobile trends, and much more

3. Expect a wide variety of content  

  • Videos: Tutorials, Webinars, How to series, Zoom-in at features, and more
  • Blog posts: expect topics of all kind, even those you’d never expect! 🙂
  • Events: collection of Salesforce related events, updates about events dedicated to mobility, community meet ups, places to meet Resco
  • Partner spotlights: there’s always a space to praise valued partners

Want to be a part of our newsletter and reach your customers and partners? Contact your account manager or let us know at salesforce@resco.net, we’d be happy to give YOU the spotlight!
Of course, any feedback, suggestions and opinions are always appreciated!
* Please, keep in mind that receiving this newsletter does not stop you from getting Resco’s weekly newsletter. Note that Resco’s weekly newsletter is not aimed at the Salesforce community exclusively. However, it comes up with more detailed company and Resco’s solution updates for other than Salesforce communities (mainly the Microsoft Dynamics community).
Want to receive both newsletters? Or prefer to receive monthly updates about Resco Mobile CRM for Salesforce only? It’s up to you! You can always subscribe at www.resco.net  or unsubscribe from just one or both newsletters.
Now, let the journey to Mobile Sales & Field Service success begin!

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