18th November, 2021

Resco helps with testing in fight against COVID-19

October 31 and November 1 was the weekend when Slovakia held a nation-wide COVID-19 testing.
In just two days, 3.6 million citizens have been tested in every municipality throughout the entire country. But how did Resco help with this massive operation aiming to slow down the spread of the virus?

Ruzinov is the largest city district in Bratislava and the second most populated area in Slovakia´s capital. Which meant over 70,000 citizens who needed to get tested in just two days. The district is also using Resco’s City Smart Services app (under the name “Lepší Ružinov”) and that came very handy when managing the testing process.

The key challenge for the municipality was to figure out a way to deliver the latest updates to its citizens. And even though there’s social media, the officials needed a platform that would not only deliver the information. They wanted the latest developments to be immediately visible to the people. And that’s precisely how they used their Resco-based app.
Additionally, with City Smart Services citizens could also report issues to the municipality. And the municipality sent notifications with updates back. Furthermore, all information on COVID-19 testing was stored in the ”News & Updates” section of the app, available at all times.
We’ve been thrilled to see how Ruzinov used Resco technology  to make the testing process as comfortable as possible for its citizens.
You can find more on City Smart Services here, or explore even more unique ways of utilizing Resco’s Multi-experience Development Platform for your use case.

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