Relive the Resco trainings in Munich and Paris & vote for the next destination

It’s nearly the end of March, spring is knocking at the door and for some of us it is the time to look back and see how our New Year resolutions are going. For us at Resco, it is the time to check if we are heading towards the goals we set at our conference in Prague last November. And we are proud to say that it looks more than promising.
So, what is all this buzz about? For those who don’t know – we gave a word to our partners to bring more in-person trainings in 2019. The goal? To help them get the most out of the powerful technologies and features that Resco has introduced recently. And also to exchange our experience and strengthen relationships within the partner ecosystem

2 trainings, 2 countries, 1 mission

So far, we have organized 2 trainings – one in Munich and another one in Paris. We carefully chose these cities as central hubs of our partners. Both events shared the same mission that was divided into 2 focal points:

  • to train technical consultants and administrators to get the full benefit of working with Woodford – our customization tool,
  • to introduce our new flagship product – Resco Inspections.

Both trainings were carefully tailored for any user of Resco technology – no matter if you were a newbie or an experienced veteran. There was something for everyone. The theoretical part was followed by practical exercises in order to be confronted with real life scenarios one can deal with working on a project.

“Thanks for the support and the great time!”
– feedback from a participant of the Resco training in Paris

Based on the participants’ feedback everyone was leaving with valuable information. Trainees with previous experience learned about the new HTML-based Woodford and features like row scripts, form rules, commands, synchronization, entity hubs & more, and got useful tips for their real projects. Beginners were introduced to mobile projects, views, forms, charts & dashboards, maps, calendars, branding & configuration.
At this point, we want to officially say big thank you to our Product team led by the trainer guru Juraj Mojik, Resco’s Product Manager, who received impressive feedback from all the participants. Does Juraj’s name sound familiar to you? We know why. He is the owner of the voice guiding you through our regular webinars.
But let’s talk about another essential part of these events – breaks J. Inspired by Socrates and Plato’s legacy we couldn’t miss the opportunity for a good dialogue. One can hardly imagine better company as our long-time partners from Microsoft, ORBIS, COSMO CONSULT, Avanade, CRM Partners, Sycor, aXon, GFI, Jalix, Javista mixed with newcomers joining us with a “Resco unspoilt” mind. Listening to your stories about successful implementations of our technology, new verticals or even entertaining real-life anecdotes is a wind beneath our wings.
To provide a complete picture of these partner trainings we have a little bit of analytics for statistic-lovers:

  • 89% of participants found our trainers very engaging
  • 64% of participants were beginners with Resco technology
  • participants coming from 28 different companies
  • 2 new vertical solutions coming from our partners

We believe that the personal contact is still irreplaceable. Not only you can see real faces behind the signature in an e-mail or a familiar  voice from calls, but you share the moment as well. The moment that is building our mutual relationship and helps us to rely on each other as business partners in the future.

Upcoming trainings

As many of the participants were encouraging us to keep organizing events like this and expressed interest to attend them even in the future, we have decided to organize more trainings not only in Europe, but US as well. First one is going to be held in Dallas on 3rd of April, 2019 and the second one will be taking place in Boston on 5th of April, 2019.
Next one in Europe is going to be a 2-day training in London, UK in the middle of the May. We will keep you posted with more information. We are also considering Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Austria and Denmark as a next place to go. Your opinion has an impact on where we will meet and bring our in-depth trainings, so you can get up to speed with business mobility and train your staff.
Vote here and decide:
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Stay up-to-date with information about events we’re attending
For those with a busy schedule but still eager to meet with Resco team, we offer you a chance to see us on any of these events Resco is participating in.
Last, but not least – it may sound like a cliché, but it was truly inspirational being a part of these events. . Events that turned out to be not only about information exchange but also about community, content and conversation. Looking forward to see you soon!

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