Step up your inspection game

A very common usage scenario for mobile CRM is mobile field inspections.
No wonder. Most inspectors spent the majority of their time out in the field, doing what they are paid to do: inspect things. So a mobile application is an ideal solution for them—it gets rid of papers once and for all.

Simple scenario: Insurance claim agent

Let’s say you are a car insurance agent–here’s how your typical inspection would go with a mobile CRM application:

listYou get a list of inspections for the day assigned via Mobile CRM app – no need to call the office or go there personally to pick up the schedule
navigateYou take a look at the map that shows you the appointments for the day & plan your day
callYou call up people to schedule times and off you go
questionnaireYou come to the first site and start the inspection questionnaire
capture a photoYou inspect the vehicle— it appears to have damaged headlights caused by a crash, so you answer ‘yes’ to the question  “Is the car damaged?” Immediately after, a new window appears, asking you to snap a picture of the damage
verifyYou finish the questionnaire and try to send the claim to the back-office for processing, the app reminds you to ask the car owner for a signature that verifies the results of the inspection. Done.
save & uploadThe report is saved and automatically stored in CRM – now others can follow up on it, whether it’s your superior who needs to approve it or the finance department that’s going to reimburse the customer.

Everything is streamlined and easy to follow.

Possible uses

There are almost limitless possibilities of using mobile CRM applications for inspection purposes. One of our customers uses it for building huge cargo ships—the users go in with a tablet and check every nut and bolt on the ship, verifying each checkup with a signature.
These are some other options for using Mobile CRM and a tool for performing inspections:

Property inspections Insurance claims Safety inspections
Damage reports Merchandize displays Vehicle inspections
Quality control Non-profit initiatives Plant management


Mobile CRM as a tool for performing inspections?

Why not? Don’t let the CRM part in the name fool you. Resco Mobile CRM can be easily customized to fit your needs—just a few alternations here and there and you’ve got yourself a tailor-made tool that fits your needs. And all is safely stored in your Dynamics CRM.

Step it up now

If you already have Microsoft Dynamics CRM, don’t look for inspection tools that don’t integrate with your system—go for Resco Mobile CRM.
If you don’t have a CRM system yet, take a look at Resco CRM.

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