Moments captured at Convergence EMEA 2015

Sadly, Convergence is over. If you missed the event or just got sidetracked during, we’ve put together a few impressions from it – we’ll be talking about mobility as, after all, that’s where our expertise lies.
But before we get to it, if you haven’t done so already, click on the video play button above to get a feel of what the event was like.

What’s new?

One of the main topics of the event was unsurprisingly the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. With this, a lot of visitors at our booth inquired about the difference between Microsoft’s mobile application and Resco Mobile CRM – especially because of the new offline mobile experience that was announced for this release.
The keynote also focused on reinventing productivity and business processes. Talking about adaptive systems – systems that are “predictive (the system should be smart about what should happen next”), incredibly easy-to-use & incredibly mobile”.
Microsoft has again touched on the importance of mobile productivity.

Frequently asked questions from the visitors

What is the difference between Microsoft’s mobile application and Resco Mobile CRM?
There’s no simple answer to this – Resco’s approach to mobility is quite different. Our CEO has talked about this in his blog post – do check it out to find out more.
Sure, you can look at the feature comparison. But there’s the bigger picture in here and that is: As mobile CRM is the core of our business, we take it very seriously. This shows in our pace of development, the level of support we provide (if you have tried it, you’ll know what I am talking about), our openness to listen to customers’ needs and wishes, and our dedication to innovate.
What is the difference between FieldOne mobile application and Resco Mobile CRM?
FieldOne mobile application is based on Resco. But with FieldOne Sky’s mobile app, customers are limited to use only field service entities (e.g. sales entities like quotes or opportunities will not be accessible through the solution). On the other hand, Resco Mobile CRM offers unlimited access to CRM entities and its functionality, so it all depends on who you need the mobile application for.
What level of security your app offers?
This question came more often from customers from banking or insurance industries. We have written a document that talks about the data encryption, options for accessing CRM, or mobile application management actions such as remote wipe of the data. For more info, check out the Resco Mobile CRM Security handout.
Can I try it out? (referring to the Resco Mobile application)
That’s why we brought a myriad of phones and tablets with us, all equipped with a fully customized Resco Mobile CRM application. If you feel like you didn’t have enough time to click through the whole menu (or you weren’t there), you still have the chance to try out the application – just grab your phone, tablet or laptop and search your app store for “Resco Mobile CRM”. (or use these direct links if you are viewing this on the device: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android phones & tablets, Windows).
Can the solution be customized?
Yes, it can. And to a very large extent. To learn more, follow the instructions in here.
What’s coming next? For the new release. And for the company.
The next release scheduled at that time was the Winter update, which is already out now. To see what’s new, read through the list of new improvements.
As for the company, we’re growing! We are expanding our Resco Mobile CRM onto new markets (Oracle Siebel, SAP, Gmail…), we have introduced our back-end that can serve as a connector to other systems or as a standalone CRM solution. And we’re hiring new people, which lead to our move to a new, bigger office. Exciting times!

Photo gallery (with commentary)

Resco Mobile CRM session at Convergence EMEA
Anna held a session titled Mobility with Resco: Get Microsoft Dynamics CRM into phones and tablets…
Resco Mobile CRM session at Convergence EMEA
…which turned out to be the most visited partner session of the event! This just shows how much mobility resonates with people.
Jozef & Peter from Resco at Convergence EMEA 2015
Resco’s account managers Jozef & Peter stepped in every time a visitor wanted a guided tour of the Resco Mobile CRM application and Woodford.
Maros from Resco at Convergence EMEA 2015
Maros is having a laugh with our customers, who came to discuss business but happened to have a lot more to talk about.
Convergence EMEA
Busy times right after the keynote has ended. And we’re ready for the crowd storming into the expo hall.
Resco booth at Convergence EMEA
We held our own little private session at our booth, in which Juraj Mojik showcased the latest & greatest features of Resco Mobile CRM. From things like route planning to filtering and sorting of lists, there was a lot to go through (next time, there’ll be a microphone).
Heineken Happy Hour
We served Heineken beer & case study during the Happy hour.
Woodford winner
Lucky winners of Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey were drawn. One of them even gave us a tip for a mixed drink we can make out of it (thank you Herbert).
Convergence EMEA
And that is pretty much it. If I missed anything, let me know. It was great catching up with you all.

See you next year!

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