How important is security for Mobile CRM?

Corporate CRM data about customers, contacts, orders, invoices, etc., is one of the main assets of every company. Abuse of this data can cause a huge damage to the company. That’s why the security plays an important role; especially when employees have the permission to access the corporate CRM from mobile devices.
Mobile devices as Smartphones and Tablets are truly great tools. We cannot imagine our lives without them anymore. They are very helpful for our personal, as well as business lives and many people use the same mobile device for both of these purposes. This scenario is already quite common at present time and I believe it will become a standard one in the future; when mobile phones or tablets completely replace current laptop and desktop PCs.
Nonetheless, mobile access to corporate data brings new risks companies have to deal with. A device can get easily lost or stolen. So a company must have a tool to protect it from an unauthorized usage.
We at Resco take this issue very seriously and have therefore just released a brand new module for Resco Mobile CRM – Enterprise Security. It is a combination of mobile app features and remote device management tool allowing admins to protect lost, or stolen, devices so that corporate CRM data will not end up in wrong hands. And a lot of the security measures can be applied even if the device has been disconnected from the internet.
Enterprise Security contains great functionality that is already available for our existing customers. But this topic has become one of our main challenges for the future of Resco Mobile CRM. So you can expect lot of improvements and new features. Our aim is to have top level Mobile Device Management (MDM), properly integrated with Mobile CRM application, so that the risk of CRM data misuse will be as minimal as possible.
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