Exploring the value of Enterprise Mobility for a Salesforce user at the resco.next conference

Enterprise Mobility. Its value for businesses is often underestimated. The resco.next conference, however, dedicated the majority of its content to this crucial topic.
Why talk about it? Business Mobility is more complex and has more to offer than you can imagine. Market leaders like Gartner recognize that it is something not to be overlooked by companies. In fact, by 2020, 70% of software interactions in enterprises will occur on mobile devices.

Global recognition & broader product offering thanks to Enterprise-class Mobility

At Resco, we strongly believe that “Mobile” must be a part of a broader enterprise strategy. It has been 10 years since we started developing a mobile business development platform. As of July 2018, Resco was named a Niche Player in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Applications Development Platform.
To improve our existing technology, we invested a lot in research and development. We implemented new versatile products, so that companies, coming from numerous industries, are able to incorporate Resco into their strategy. One of such is Resco Inspections, a ready-to-use, full-featured business app. Just as every technology built on our platform, the Inspections app allows field workers access all relevant data, no matter the enterprise system their company uses.

Introducing Cloud Innovation – our trusted partner, who successfully implemented Resco Inspections

“Resco supports any kind of enterprise mobility with any kind of integration. We encourage partners to experiment with our solutions. Build freely on top of the Resco platform or integrate it with any 3rd party system/s according to their strategy, to create their own branded product or service.” These were the words of our CEO Radomir Vozar at the recent resco.next conference.

And that is exactly how our partner Cloud Innovation created a new solution called CPG360. An FMCG field solution that is largely based on Resco’s technology and integrated with a Salesforce backend, is available as a vertical, which allows for very agile project-based implementations. Thanks to their dedicated consulting team and Resco’s support, Cloud Innovation was able to deliver a solution to its customers within a couple of months, without having to write a pile of code.
Dimitri Suls (CTO) unveiled how they tackled mobile strategy with Resco technology at the resco.next keynote.
For the past 7 years, Cloud Innovation has built a dedicated expertise towards the Salesforce platform. Now, a Salesforce Gold Consulting partner from Ghent, Belgium came down to Prague to host a session on “Building an end-to-end solution for the FMCG market with Salesforce and Resco”.

 “Last year, we decided to partner with Resco, because we wanted to focus on FMCG and CPG industries. Running a FMCG company requires a high-quality on-site job performed by teams of field workers at the actual retail stores. To ensure, everything runs smoothly, and all the products are in good shape, such companies a.k.a. the clients of Cloud Innovation, can now utilize CPG360 (built on Resco Inspections) to help them not just do the job, but do it on time, on budget, and to the customer’s satisfaction.”
“Our new solution has been in production for several months now, and ever since, we have been receiving a lot of feature requests. That means our customers are happy with the offering and they want to continue investing in Resco’s mobile platform. The Inspections App was a great fit to many of the client’s feature requirements,” Dimitri Suls mentioned at the keynote.

A couple of requirements included the possibility to fill in the dynamic question forms, take a picture as proof of their actions during the store visits – and the ability to do all of that completely offline.

“We can honestly say that the Resco platform keeps exceeding our expectations and our journey with the product has really been a blast so far. Resco as a company is a reliable and strategically important partner to us. We are looking forward to working together on more exciting projects.” Dimitri continues.

Contact the team of mobility experts for tips on how to kick off your Enterprise mobile strategy in 2019 at salesforce@resco.net.

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