How to make inactive records active again in Resco Mobile CRM

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Bill Malone is a person whose contact record is inactive in the CRM database because he doesn’t represent the partner company anymore. All fields on his contact form are visible but it is not possible to edit them or otherwise use them. However, Bill has recently returned to his position and the sales rep using Resco Mobile CRM would like to activate the contact record again.
This is not possible by default, but you can set up this option in Woodford using the following instructions:
1. Choose Contact entity > open its Edit Form > select Edit Commands > add ChangeStatus to Selected Commands (with Active and Inactive options selected)
If you save and publish your project after this step, the “Inacitve” command will appear on the form – enabling users to deactivate records (contacts, accounts, or other entities for which you decide to set up this option).
activate record 1
2. Define On Can Execute rule
To enable the “Active” command, the rule visible on the screenshot below has to be set. It simply states that if the command name equals Change Status and the command parameter is 1 (1 for Active, 2 for Inactive) and the record is already inactive, then the “Active” command will be enabled:
activate record 2
After applying the rule above, the command “Active” remains visible even if the record is active, which is not that efficient. To ensure the “Active” command will be visible only when the record is inactive, the second part of the rule has to be set up:
activate record 3
3. Save changes > publish your project > sync the application
In the screenshot below: Bill Marone’s contact is active and there is the option to deactivate the contact with the “Inactive” command button:
activate record 4
In the second screenshot, Bill Malone’s contact is inactive – so it is not possible to edit it. But thanks to the rule we’ve set up in the Woodford configurator, the “Active” command is available and it enables mobile users to activate the contact from the Resco Mobile CRM app:
activate record 5

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