Introducing Route Planner by Resco: Keep up with your staff and manage their tasks seamlessly

With the ever-growing popularity of map-related planning capabilities among partners and customer alike, we have created a new, standalone solution.  So today, we are happy to present our latest addition to Resco’s product family: The Route Planner, which will be available as a standalone product in the 1st half of 2018.
The product will not only allow organizations to plan but also monitor routes of their mobile workers.
The purpose of monitoring is for team leads, supervisors, or managers to easily see and manage staff in the field and their tasks –combining geographic and calendar data, and taking into account also variables such as traffic and weather.
Let’s now take a look at how a service manager running a team of four construction inspectors can keep an eye on the situation, whether on the go or from the office.
When you launch the Route Planner’s monitor you immediately notice that each member of the team is color-coded in the basic Pinpoint view. There, you will also see where everyone is at the moment and the route they have planned out for the day. The solid line indicates the route they have already completed, and the dotted line represents the tasks still ahead:
A Regional view will show you the areas each inspector is responsible for, highlighted with matching colors:
Switching to the Task view will reveal how much time the inspector has already spent at the current construction site. And it also indicates how long is he/she expected to remain at the location:
The Traffic details view gives you information on traffic control, road closures, and even accidents. So you always know when your staff needs to take a detour because of a traffic jam which threatens the successful completion of the next job, on time:
And don’t forget to check the weather. After all, what’s the point of dispatching your crew to a client, if there’s a torrential down pour. They might not even get there, let alone finish the task at hand?
However, Resco’s Route Planner can show you much more than the current situation. With its Time Scheduler, you can view how the team has progressed throughout the day. Based on past and current developments. The Route Planner dynamically updates the schedule of the staff. So you can also move the scheduler’s slider to a future time and see if anyone’s finishing sooner than originally expected – and can even take on another visit to help the team:
What’s more, the Route Planner will be fully interactive. It will not only notify you about exceptional situations (cancelled visits, an inspection the worker can’t make because of a traffic jam, etc.) – in upcoming blogs we’ll also showcase how you’ll be also able to schedule work for the team directly from the solution.
Curious to learn more? Check out the video below or ask us at And on 14th– 15th March 2018 you can also join us at the upcoming conference in Atlanta and see the Route Planner in action yourself.

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