Dreamforce ’17 Highlights – Straight from the Booth

Where were you in 1999?

Marc Benioff (*CEO of Salesforce) was in a one-bedroom apartment writing the history of today’s biggest ‘No software’ company in the world. In that same year, same time, three young programmers were starting a small company themselves, called Resco that later became one of the leading pioneers of Mobile CRM.
18 years later, Salesforce and Resco meet. Resco happened to exhibit at the biggest ‘n probably the most intense business gathering ever, organized by non-other than Salesforce. The Dreamforce conference already started off big, in 2003 (with over 1,300 attendees). However, it feels rather tiny compared to a four-day event with over 170,000 participants as we know it nowadays.

170,000+ attendees, 3,200+ sessions, 11 buildings, 400 exhibiting booths

salesforce phone

Dreamforce is one experience in the eyes of Marc Benioff and the Salesforce team and whole another in the eyes of Resco. So, what was it like for us, the exhibitors and sponsors? What surprised us about Dreamforce the most?
Let us share some highlights:

Customer Success Expo Hall

It is, unfortunately, impossible to clone yourself (11 buildings, remember?) and be on multiple places at the same time. And so, we were truly happy that such a huge number of attendees reserved a spot in their super busy Dreamforce agenda and visited the exhibitor hall.
salesforce phone
400 companies from all over the world came to present their products & services, do some serious networking and chit-chatting or simply to get known by a community. For us, it was an unforgettable four-day journey, since we got to experience it from the developer, marketer and sales rep point of view.
Non-stopping networking, laughter from everywhere, people playing games, spinning wheels, sharing gifts. And then, there was our booth in the middle of all the amazing circle…

Spotlight on the Booth #110

The most important part of Dreamforce for many, is the feedback they can receive nowhere else. And so, while standing at that booth, with resco.net logo behind us, for the whole four days, we took in all the feedback we were given.
salesforce mobile
It is no secret anymore that Resco is coming to the Salesforce world to give the word ‘Offline’ a new meaning. Talking with hundreds of attendees, we were, again proven right that there is a place for Resco’s mobile offline solution in the Salesforce environment. Here is a small pick of the feedback we got at the booth:

“Offline is a must. Everybody needs it. They might not know it yet, because they didn’t get to meet true offline yet. Thank you for enabling that.”

“I like that Resco’s mobile app comes as a new & fresh product, but its version for Microsoft platform has been tested and proved by time. It is no newbie and that’s why it has gained my trust.”

“Offline mobility is one thing. But knowing you can do much more with it, is great! I appreciate the custom objects and the flexibility of the solution. Plus, there are several different features under-one-roof.”

To sum up our presence at Dreamforce ’17, once again, it was successful and definitely worth it. We can’t wait to see you in San Francisco next year!
In the meantime, meet us at the Salesforce Worldtour in New York or drop us a line at mobilecrm@resco.net.
salesforce mobile
salesforce mobile
offline salesforce
offline salesforce

offline salesforce
See you next year Trailblazers!

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