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resco.next Q&As sessions

In November 2020, resco.next conference moved for the first time solely to the virtual space. While not the same as meeting face-to-face, it was still a great opportunity to catch up with partners, customers, and experts in the enterprise mobility field. And not just that.

It was also a great place for your questions. Throughout the entire conference , attendees could ask our experts about anything related to the discussed topics. Here you can find the most frequent questions and answers, completed with additional details and resources.

If you are interested in specific product, you can navigate to the Q&As section of:

Resco Inspections

Resco Inspections on phone, desktop, and wearables

Is offline mode, as we know it from other Resco apps, also supported in Inspections?

Yes, Inspections offers the same offline functionality as other Resco solutions. All data can be collected offline and synced later. You can learn more on how to use offline mode in one of our blogs.

To which backend systems you can integrate Inspections Cloud?

Inspections Cloud offers ready-to-go integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce but can be integrated with any other backend over API. You can find documentation regarding connectors on our wiki page.

Which app do you suggest for the lawyer’s office?

It depends on your business process and what precisely you expect from the solution. Inspections covers a wide range of possibilities and automation processes to power both small or large businesses. I would recommend contacting one of our Business Development Managers who will happily discuss specific needs and requirements.

Is there an option for SLAs (Service-Level Agreements)?

Yes, there is an option for SLAs. Please discuss this directly with our Business Development Managers, who will provide you with further details.

Do you consider adding simple tables on questionnaire question components snippets?

Inspections is one of our flagship products that is updated with new features four times a year. We recently added an option to create and define a simple report directly from the Questionaire Designer. As part of the template’s Properties pane on the right, you can also set up table formats and styles for any question and question group.

Do you consider adding sub-groups logic to Inspections in the future?

We are considering it as a new functionality for one of our future releases. At this moment, you can use our smart business logic to set up visibility for each question/question group (e.g. based on the previous answer). This can help to create a kind of sub-groups without any coding.


The new Customer experience portal seems like a powerful addition. Do you have an expected release date? Whether that is Q1, Q2 2021?

The initial release of the Customer experience portal is planned for our Q1 update, available at the end of March 2021. You can get the latest information about new and upcoming functionality from our blog and newsletter. You can also join our beta-testing community and you’ll always get the first look at each new Resco release before its public launch.

Can you share some metrics demonstrating improvements after companies switched to Resco Inspections? Time saved, more completed tasks, etc.?

There are many examples when customers were able to improve their operations with Resco Inspections. Here are some of them:

  • Southern States Toyotalift increased revenue by $350k/month or increased process efficiency by 45% with the help of Resco mobile solutions
  • Enterprise Inns achieved 25% increase of completed property inspections
  • Effy doubled the number of their monthly installations
  • Inter Cars S.A. were able to increase the number of daily customer visits from 2,000 to 4,000


We are thrilled with our partners and customers for achieving these results. You can read even more of their success stories on our website.

Will the API also support the SAP S/4 HANA connection?

It depends on API supported by SAP Hana. Please, contact our Support team to discuss more details about what exactly you’d like to integrate. You can also find additional info on API integrations at Resco Wiki.

When do you anticipate Resco Capsule will be released and is there a Work on an import activity history feature?

The initial release for Capsule is planned for the 14.0 app version, at the end of Q1 2021. You can get the latest information about new and upcoming functionality from our blog and newsletter. You can also join our beta-testing community and you’ll always get the first look at each new Resco release before its public launch.

Are there any enhancements to the question scoring functionality on the roadmap?

Scoring is available in Resco Inspections questionnaires. It enables users to assign a score to each answer and depending on the total score, you can quickly evaluate a questionnaire. If you have a specific requirement, please contact one of our Business Developer Managers to discuss any future improvements.


Where are the Inspections reports that users generate in the field (offline) stored? Are they synced as an attachment when back online?

When the field worker generates reports and is offline, the report is saved in the device’s local database. Once the user is online again, he needs to synchronize the device with the server (or can be synced automatically), and reports will be uploaded, including all changes.

What is the difference between Microsoft Inspections and Resco Inspections?

Field Service Inspections (Microsoft) are digital forms for field service technicians that they can use to answer a list of questions as part of a work order. You can think of it as a feature of the Work Order entity for quick data collection. It supports 8 components (textbox, checkbox, radio group, dropdown, entity lookup, number, date/time, file) and basic logic to create conditions and branching.

Resco Inspections is a complete product. It can be fully embedded into the Resco Mobile CRM app or used as a stand-alone app or even a stand-alone solution (with its own backend). It comes with ready-to-use templates that can be fully customized with the help of more than 25 components. Including branching, dynamic forms, and complex logic. All of that supported by the Resco rules engine –an equivalent of a scripting language in its power.

The short answer would be – one is a limited feature, the other a complete solution.

Can you tell us more about how switching projects between end-user vs. manager will work?  How will they switch? 

The new concept of multiple apps allows a user to switch between different projects such as end-user (e.g., field technician) and manager-specific projects. The switching is done via the browser, by clicking on the user in the top ribbon, or in Setup in the mobile app as described in Resco’s Wiki, or in the browser, by clicking on the user in the top ribbon of the web app. You will find more info on the multiple apps concept on January 28, in our upcoming webinar about the new features from the Winter Update 2020.

Field Service

So, what should I, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service customer, do now? We’ve spent 14+ months customizing field service including the app. Can I switch to Resco?

All customers have options. Nobody likes a change especially when changing a solution that works and brings results. That’s the reason Resco offers Field Service 2.0 – the best from Resco optimized for FS scenarios. Microsoft customers can switch to the full Resco mobile experience, making sure their field users are equipped for success. That’s option number 1.

Option number 2 is to stay with Microsoft’s current Field Service Mobile solution (Resco-based). It brings a limited version of Resco technology to all FS customers. However, customers should keep the expiration date in mind. More news from Microsoft on timing will be shared in 2021. There is a blog dedicated to the comparison of Resco and Microsoft FS Mobile if you need more info.


Option number 3 is to switch to Microsoft Power App. However, that means recreating all the mobile-specific configuration and customization to work on Microsoft’s general business application platform from the ground up.

What is the license price for Field Service 2.0?

In this case, you can proceed to the dedicated where you can check the up-to-date information. Specific customers’ needs are handled on a case-by-case basis at the moment. Please reach out to our Business development department for more information.

We recently made the step to the Mobile CRM app from the old MS Field Service (2017) app. Will there be a new app necessary or will just the project template change?

Resco FS2.0 leverages the Resco app — Resco Mobile CRM available on all app stores (iOS, Android, Microsoft). It is the flagship application and always the most up to date one. If you are already using Microsoft’s app based on Resco Mobile CRM, you won’t need an entirely new app if you decide to Field Service 2.0, you can easily transfer your project template.


Which Salesforce licenses can I use with Resco?

All of them – Force.com, Essentials, Group, Community, Standard, Enterprise, Ultimate.

Can I use objects from my Salesforce organization in Resco?

Of course. A default organization contains standard objects that are relevant to a specific scenario. For example, if you perform store inspections, you can download our out-of-the-box organization for inspectors, even with sample questionnaire templates. But you are free to add any object from your Salesforce organization into the mix.

Basically, you get complete support for any custom object. You can combine custom and standard objects freely. And you can even use them offline. With Resco’s sync filters, you can also limit the amount of offline objects and data in general, to relevant data for users only.

What do you propose for Salesforce Integrators in terms of certification/training? Do you have something similar to Trailhead from Salesforce?

Resco has its very own “Trailhead” – Resco Academy. That’s the best place to practice and understand Resco technology. It even offers a dedicated certification for Salesforce users, and individual courses for business users and admins, too. You can find all the information on the Resco Academy website.

NIVY Watch

Resco Nivy Watch

What does it mean „NIVY“?

NIVY Watch’s name comes from the Bratislava district of Mlynske Nivy, where the whole concept originated. This area has a 150-year industrial history, which is now changing significantly to a modern business area. With the NIVY Watch project, we want to give this Bratislava district back a little of its industrial character again.

What will be the price of the watch?

As for the price, it will be structured according to the required hardware and software configuration. Although, in general, it will be very similar to Apple Watch’s offering. For the individual pricing, you can contact us at nivywatch@resco.net, and we can discuss it further.

Feel free to ask

Thank you for all the questions you asked during resco.next 2020.

However, if you have any additional questions or comments related to the Resco portfolio and solutions, or general industry trends, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.