Microsoft Field Service Mobile or Resco: What is the difference?

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Hundreds of projects. Hundreds of questions. Some seldom, others not. One of the more popular questions has always been the difference between Microsoft’s Field Service Mobile and the Resco mobile app.

After all, even the Microsoft-branded app is built on Resco technology. Let’s have a closer look.


To truly understand the relation between the two, it is crucial to look at the foundations first.


Field Service Mobile Configurator = Woodford
The configuration tools are the same. Actually, they are one – the Resco-built Woodford configuration and management tool which is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Application Project

Field Service Mobile app project = Any app project (pre-configured sales and field service templates available)

The application projects are different. The Field Service Mobile (FS) project is the encapsulation of Microsoft’s IP, FS-related functionality, features and specifics provided in the form of a pre-configured app project available as part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. It also includes a custom color scheme and icons.

In Resco’s language, it’s just another app project. On average, our customers use 2-3 app projects per organization. Projects can be easily exported and imported, further tweaked and expanded.

Resco app projects are no different. Out of the box, we provide a number of pre-configured templates (Sales, Field Service, Inspections, Routes, etc.). These can be further configured, changed, customized to fully fit your specific use case.

All Resco app projects, as well as Microsoft’s FS project, are fully compatible with the Woodford tool (FS Mobile configurator).


Field Service Mobile = Resco Mobile CRM
The applications are slightly different. Think of the Field Service Mobile app as a white-labeled Resco app.

It comes as a Microsoft listing on the app stores, with its own name, icon, splash screen. On top of that, it includes pieces of custom code injected by Microsoft to ensure the licensing mechanism works and to keep it as a boxed solution.

The Resco Mobile CRM app is the open (unboxed) solution that can be enriched by Resco Inspections, Routes, advancements in the AI area, support for new wearable devices (smartwatches, smart glasses, AR/VR headsets), etc. It comes with the Resco icon, splash screen and graphics. And our own licensing mechanism.

In summary, the Resco app is a versatile container able to carry any project with a big advantage. It brings the best and the most advanced capabilities requested by our customers while also incorporating mobile industry progress.
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Historically, the Field Service Mobile app has always lagged behind the latest Resco version. It was most drastic in 2019 when there was a 9-month version difference between the two. Since then, Microsoft is doing a better job usually staying about a quarter or two behind Resco.

The Resco Mobile CRM app is the cornerstone of Resco’s portfolio and therefore always the most up-to-date application our customers use and have access to. Consider the Resco app a benchmark.


Every new release brings lots of innovations as well as the most requested features by the users. Resco customers can benefit from a beta program to be better prepared for a new release.

For those, who prefer a proven and tested approach rather than the latest and greatest, we guarantee backwards compatibility for up to 4 major versions (currently 13.0, 12.3, 12.2 and 12.1).

On the other hand, if your organization keeps up with the new gadgets or is at the forefront of what the technology allows, switching to Resco gets you there.

So what is the difference?

The two are much more similar than they are different. Built on and sharing the same code, same architecture and the same configuration tool.

One dictates the innovation pace. It is unboxed and ready to take you the extra mile. It breaks the limitations of what is possible, and it comes with one asterisk only*.

*No asterisks

How to use Resco with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

There is only question left to answer. Let’s look into it now.

You only need to do one thing.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Resco, both the Woodford tool and the Resco Mobile CRM app: https://www.resco.net/downloads-logins/.

We also put together the steps to follow when upgrading the Woodford tool here: https://docs.resco.net/wiki/Woodford#Availability_and_installation

And that is it! No 27+ complicated steps.  No conversion tools needed. No recoding.

Republish the project using the latest Woodford and login using your credentials in the latest version of the Resco app from your favorite mobile platform.
Easy as it should be.

However, if you have any questions on using the Resco mobile app with your Dynamics 365 Field Service, drop us a line through Resco Support portal.

And you can learn even more about Resco solution available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service here.