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Webinar: Winter Update 2020

The last update of Resco platform in 2020 once again introduced a wide range of new capabilities.

Throughout this webinar, our Product team will walk you through the benefits and use case demos for new additions to Inspections, Resco Cloud, Resco Multi-experience Development Platform (MxDP), as well as our AR collaboration tool Houston.

What you’ll learn:

  • Report definition into Questionnaire Designer – Learn how to create questionnaires and reports in one tool, with a preview of the result.
  • Option to assign project to an app – Enable easy project switching in both mobile and web apps.
  • Houston updates – Take advantage of AR collaboration on Android and accessing Houston calls from any entity (not only Inspections). Discover, calling from the web and, as well as improved drawing precision and security.
  • Resco on RealWear – See how you can leverage the benefits of Houston and Inspections on this voice-operated ruggedized wearable device.


DATE: Thursday, 28 January 2021
TIME: 17:00 pm CET, 11:00 am ET
SPEAKERS: Juraj Mojik (Head of Product), Zuzana Barinkova (Product Manager), Miroslav Majtaz (Product Manager), Peter Matejik (Product Manager)
FEE: For free

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