resco.next 2018: Becoming your partner for complete enterprise mobility


5 key statements from Resco CEO’s keynote at resco.next 2018
After Vienna, Munich, and Amsterdam, Resco has brought its annual resco.next conference to Prague on November 15-16. And with over 200 attendees from 92 companies and 24 countries in the audience, Resco CEO, Radomir Vozar, took the stage to share the bold new enterprise mobility strategy for the company and its product offering, partner ecosystem, technology development and beyond.
What follows is an overview of key topics discussed by Resco’s CEO and his guests during the Opening Keynote at resco.next 2018.

2018 in numbers: Still growing rapidly

Resco as a company has hit a number of milestones throughout 2018 and keeps expanding further.
Throughout 2018, Resco has attracted over 350 new corporate customers. Overall, we are currently providing mobile solutions to 2200+ companies with 150 000 licensed users.
As a matter of fact, Radomir Vozar highlighted also another related figure during the keynote: “It is actually much easier to show you where we don’t have any users – because right now Resco doesn’t have any users in merely 9 countries and territories around the globe!”
A testament to Resco’s flexibility is that its products are utilized by customers across dozens of industries. Be it manufacturing, healthcare, retail & wholesale, financial services, energy, transportation, agriculture, FMCG and many others.
Additionally, Resco products are running at small, medium, and large organizations with tens of thousands users. All of them with different processes, all of them having different mobility requirements – but choosing Resco because of its customizability, full offline functionality and extensive feature set.

New partner channel team enabling system integrators to leverage the full potential of Resco’s offering

Resco is first and foremost a technology company, focused on developing its platform for enterprise mobile solutions. As such, we rely on our partners to build on this platform and to create great customer solutions. And currently there are more than 500 system integrators who work with Resco worldwide.
“We realize it takes profound skills and know-how to leverage the technology’s full potential. That’s why Resco recently established a dedicated Partner Channel team. And we’re now working on a comprehensive partner on-boarding process – including pre-sales business trainings to empower consultants, technical trainings for delivery teams, and quality assurance trainings to provide detailed know-how on testing and maintenance of mobile solutions,” Anna Kontsekova, Partner Channel Lead at Resco, revealed some of the upcoming changes on stage. When a partner completes this education program, they will be awarded a certificate to officially showcase their competitive advantage and expertise in enterprise mobility to their customers.
70% of software interactions in enterprises are expected to occur on mobile devices by 2022.* Mobility is becoming a necessity, so there’s no better time to get into the game. Nils Oltenau, Key account manager at ORBIS (one of biggest integrators of Dynamics 365 and Resco in Europe) demonstrated how partners can differentiate and offer new solutions built on Resco – creating solutions for industry verticals, specializing on particular product lines, or building custom apps for specific departments and organization types.

Microsoft + Resco = Ultimate field service

Since Microsoft acquired Resco’s partner FieldOne in 2015, the mobile component of its Dynamics 365 for Field Service has been built on Resco. The application is robust, utilizes Resco’s trademark offline capabilities, and it’s a crucial part of the field service user experience.
The collaboration with Microsoft has evolved over the years and at resco.next we were delighted to officially announce a tremendous new milestone: the signing of a new, multi-year partnership directly between Resco and Microsoft for field service mobility.
With this announcement, Microsoft has singled out Resco as its partner for enterprise mobility in field service. “Resco will continue to serve as the mobile platform for Dynamics 365 Field Service for years to come, empowering thousands of field service professionals to get their work done efficiently. Even further, the Resco app will play a key role in providing better and better customer experiences for people around the world,” highlighted Andrew Lorraine, Resco’s Field Service Lead.
With Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Resco and Microsoft provide partners and customers with a production-ready solution that is truly best in market.

Mobile Business App Platform, Inspections, Route Planner – new landmarks on the Resco roadmap

After 10 years of relentless development Resco has become a lot more than just a mobile app. With expanding capabilities, Resco’s mobile client and Woodford configurator have become a true Mobile Application Development Platform.
“Our goal is to enable customers and partners to build apps, whether connected to CRM or not. And to provide tools that cover the whole lifecycle of a mobile solution. Including state-of-the-art mobile application and Woodford re-vamped in HTML, to branding & publishing marketplace and Sync Dashboard that will visualize the actual usage data” Miro Pomsar, CTO at Resco, presented at the keynote.
Miro Pomsar further explained Resco’s vision of the Mobile Business App Platform – a robust development environment based on the Woodford that is an essential part of all past and existing mobile projects. The platform will go wider than CRM scenarios and will cover the entire lifecycle of a mobile business app solution – from a mobile project, team collaboration, app release and app monitoring point of view.
Of course, Resco continues to provide a fully customizable mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and other enterprise systems as well. Plus, there are new ready-to-use solutions further expanding the product offering: Resco Inspections and Resco Route Planner.
Resco Inspections enables companies to easily build custom dynamic forms (questionnaires) for countless job requirements. You can then schedule activities with the questionnaires attached. The technician or inspector uses the mobile app to navigate to and through the job. The questionnaire provides both guidance through individual steps of the process and ensures proper data collection. And the information collected can be then reviewed in detail using the Analytics tool. Additionally, Dimitri Suls, CTO at Cloud Innovation showcased how they have implemented Resco Inspections for end customers with Salesforce backed systems.
Resco Route Planner allows users to work with business data displayed on a map and take action based on real-time geographic information. You can see your team’s the current position, upcoming tasks and planned routes, as well as the up-to-date status of all their activities. Focusing on a specific team member, Route Planner provides even more insight into their itinerary – such as accounts, contacts, appointments, opportunities, quotes, orders related to the user, and much more. Time Shift enables to easily move in time and review how the team has worked throughout the day. And even forecast the future performance of your team – helping to foresee potential issues and create even more accurate plans.

From streamlining sales and field service to refugee registration

Over the years, Resco has delivered products to thousands of customers. And we’ve been thrilled by the astonishing variety of use cases. However, working with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has been one of our greatest privileges.
At resco.next 2018, Daniel Buzatu, ICT Business Systems Coordinator at UNHCR, explained how mobile technology helps UNHCR to register and manage the refugee population in some of the most challenging conditions on the planet.
UNHCR is mandated to look after refugees world-wide. To people unable or unwilling to return to their home country because of well-founded reasons, UNHCR can grant the status of refugee.
“We start by two things – we register the individuals and then provide management of their cases. It is a comprehensive process which results in an internationally recognized status of refugee. And then their entire livelihood is managed by UNHCR, wherever the refugee population is located.” said Daniel Buzatu. The refugee registration and case-management typically take place in refugee camps or urban scenarios with low bandwidth, high latency, unstable power and poor infrastructure.
Therefore, UNHCR required a solution that would allow them to effectively register refugees offline and synchronize the data with their proGres solution when stable connection becomes available.
“Using Resco, we have developed an offline application for registration called Rapid App (RApp). It allows UNHCR staff to faster collect refugees’ personal information and biometric data offline and then sync it with proGres. The pilot project has been implemented in Brazil and currently RApp is running in 15 countries across Africa and South America,” Daniel Buzatu, ICT Business Systems Coordinator at UNHCR, added.
Furthermore, UNHCR hopes to expand the use of RApp from refugee registration also to child protection, sexual gender based violence, resettlement, legal & physical protection, and voluntary repatriation.

Becoming your partner for ultimate enterprise mobility

In 2018 Resco has been recognized by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms report.
“Resco has a truly extensive customer and partner base. And with customers all around the world also one of the most geographically diverse network. However, as Gartner also pointed out, up until this point we have been focused almost exclusively on CRM mobility. But with the additions and changes presented today, we believe we are on the right path to expand the applicability of Resco products to much broader enterprise use cases. And to become your partner of choice for ultimate enterprise mobility”, Resco’s CEO, Radomir Vozar concluded, wrapping up the Opening Keynote of resco.next 2018 in Prague.
If you couldn’t make resco.next this time, make sure to keep an eye on our blog and website as more news from the conference will follow shortly.
And to those who joined us in Prague – thank you for attending, you’ve made the entire conference a truly special experience.
See you in autumn 2019 in Rome!