Resco shares new vision for partner ecosystem at resco.next 2018


Resco’s premier annual conference took place in Prague this year. With more than 200 attendees from 24 different countries it was the most successful edition so far and we sure had a great time. Thank you to our partners and customers who joined us, and those who supported us remotely.
We were thrilled to kick off the conference with an exciting Opening Keynote delivered by Resco’s CEO, Radomir Vozar, with a comprehensive summary of the current status and new plans to move the entire Resco ecosystem forward. Radomir’s guests included UNHCR – the United Nations Refugee Agency, whose representatives also described using Resco for non-profit purposes such as refugee registration in Africa, Middle East, and South America. The keynote was then followed by 27 engaging sessions (both business and technical) with an abundance of networking opportunities.
For those of you who couldn’t make the 2018 edition, let us share some insights about Resco’s updated partner strategy:

1. Investing in Partner Success

Partners of all sizes and across all industries are working with Resco to create great customer solutions and implement unique business systems. We made a clear statement when it comes to helping partners with their business – our focus is on accelerating partner support to grow their mobility practice, innovate, and specialize.
We are increasing our investment in partner success for the coming year. We’ve created a new team at Resco, dedicated exclusively to partner success – the Partner Team. As for the partner program updates, we simplified the way we are working with partners, as well as incorporated a tiered commission structure into partner agreements & other benefits. If you are on one of our older partner programs and agreements, soon you will hear from our Partner Team who will get you on the most updated program we have.
As a technology provider we rely on our partner network to implement our tech to customers and we want to recognize partners, who demonstrated excellence in innovation and execution of customer solutions based on Resco technology. Therefore, during the Keynote we highlighted top partners, and we will soon start further activities (such as Partner Spotlight) that will give our partners even more opportunities for marketing collaboration.
resco.next 2018 also featured an array of case studies & demos from our partners. We are thrilled to have hosted insightful partner sessions presented by ORBIS, COSMO Consult, gorelate, Infopulse, NORRIQ, Avento, aXon, and Cloud Innovation. What’s more, Rick McCutcheon, Dynamics CRM MVP and CSP, hosted the Mobility Success Panel session throughout which MVPs and partners discussed their experience with Resco and building one-of-a-kind mobile solutions for various industries.

2. Building an Enterprise Mobility Strategy with Resco

Enterprise Mobility is taking the leading role and partners can now utilize the Resco Mobile Application Development Platform to establish their strategy.
Partners can create their own mobile solution & product offering Resco’s platform: either by building a vertical solution for a specific industry, or a solution that specializes on particular product lines. Or just build customized solutions for specific organizations, departments, or even processes. These solutions don’t have to be typical CRM scenarios… You can choose from a wide range of existing components, configurable for new use, and create the perfect mix with Resco’s mobile technology. This way, you open up tremendous opportunities for differentiation and new services offerings.
Once you’ve built your own solution, the Resco Partner Marketplace will enable you to showcase them to customers. The Partner Marketplace will soon undergo a redesign and offer new capabilities for partners.

3. Enhanced Partner Training Opportunities

In the coming year, Resco is seeking to provide partners with new training opportunities to get involved in the Resco platform and solutions. These will range from online self-service courses, collection of sales and technical resources, to comprehensive onboarding process for in-person workshops.
We identified 3 key education programs for system integration partners so that they can bring enterprise mobility into the real world:

  • Pre-sales trainings to empower consultants, with business topics to help them set up new service offerings on top of Resco
  • Technical trainings for delivery teams
  • Quality assurance trainings for efficient project upkeep, to transfer our know-how of prompt & detailed testing and maintenance of mobile solutions to our partners

The resources will also introduce free Resco Playbooks, which will help partners’ pre-sales and sales teams to understand and communicate the added value of Resco solutions and enterprise mobility in general.

Other highlights from resco.next 2018 in Prague include:

Technology Innovations, Mobile Application Development Platform & Solution Strategy

Miroslav Pomsar, Resco’s CTO, showcased Resco’s solutions, new features and the roadmap with our vision. The technical themes focused on the Resco Platform, Inspections, Route Planner and were supported with real-world use cases. You can expect to hear lots more about these in the coming months.

Gartner’s Vision of Enterprise Mobility

The time is now to seize the enterprise mobility opportunity. Gartner predicts that “by 2022, 70 percent of software interactions in enterprises will occur on mobile devices.”* Therefore mobility must be part of a broader business strategy of any system integrator. So what you can do to make a difference, is to incorporate mobile solutions into your practice and be ready to address enterprise mobility needs. Because partners who will specialize in mobility are going to be in high demand.

Networking Opportunities

We had loads of fun throughout the conference, including a networking reception with delicious dinner & drinks at the Mlynec restaurant with breathtaking views on Prague’s Charles Bridge. All of it preceded by our famous whiskey tasting session that popularized Resco’s Technical Product Manager, Juraj Mojik – the Woodford expert :).
Make sure you don’t miss all of next year’s highlights & info from the enterprise mobility industry, and mark your calendar for autumn 2019 when resco.next will be held in Rome, Italy!
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*Gartner Inc., “Predicts 2017: Mobile Apps and Their Development,” December 1, 2016, Adrian Leow, Van L. Baker, Richard Marshall, Magnus Revang, and Jason Wong