Partner interview: NORRIQ’s approach to onboarding and upskilling in Resco technology


As a Resco partner, you might find yourself in one of the following situations.

You may have a new team member to onboard that needs solid skills in Resco’s technology. Or you want your experienced team to keep up with the latest features and functionalities.

Our Resco Academy aims to help you with both! To better understand our partners’ training experience, we talked to two members of the NORRIQ team, located in Belgium. Meet Veerle and Omayma and find out more about their experience with Resco onboarding, recommendations, and other tips & tricks they’ve learned along the way.

Veerle Verbruggen is a Senior Technical Consultant MS Dynamics 365 CE. She has more than ten years of experience with implementing Resco technology, mainly with MS Dynamics365 as a backend. Khammassi is a young developer who has only recently joined the NORRIQ Team. However, she has already completed both levels of Resco certification – Essentials and Advanced, and our new JSBridge introductory course as part of her onboarding. Apart from that, Omayma has contributed to the Resco community by publishing her first Resco-dedicated blog.

Q: Where did you hear about Resco Academy?

Omayma: For NORRIQ, Resco is a primary partner in the mobile and service ecosystems. We have quite a history together, but Resco plays an essential role in our future solution portfolio as well. That’s why Resco Academy was recommended to me by the manager as a part of my onboarding.

Q: What was your approach when starting the training? Have you followed our Learning Paths, or did you enroll in specific courses?

Omayma: I followed the available Learning Paths, starting with Resco Essentials. After that, I moved to Resco Advanced, and then to your newest course – Introduction to Resco JSBridge.

Q: Is JSBridge a standard part of NORRIQ solutions?

Omayma: We always start with a standard set of solutions. If customers require something more extensive, we use Resco JSBridge to program, customize and personalize on top of it.

Q: Which course was the most helpful for you?

Omayma: The Business Logic. How to manage rules is very important for every project implementation.
Veerle: Logs and Troubleshooting was a very interesting course from which I have learned a lot. Some of the cases presented were far more complex than the ones we usually experience.

Q: What are your top picks from individual courses that are part of the Advanced certification?

Report Designer: Exercises
Business Logic: AfterSave, ButtonClick
Synchronization and Synchronization Dashboard: How to enable the Change List
Logs and Troubleshooting: Quiz. You can learn a lot from the answers.

Q: What is the most valuable information you have learned?

Omayma:  The most valuable thing that I learned is how to create questionnaires. We use it a lot for our customers’ representatives, field service technicians, and inspectors.
Veerle: Information about the Change List.

(NOTE: The change list is an optional part of Resco mobile apps. It displays records changed, created, or deleted in the local database on the device, waiting for synchronization. More information is available in the Academy course Synchronization and Synchronization Dashboard).

Q: What did you like the most about Resco Academy?

Omayma: Examples and exercises. They teach you a lot while making the learning experience more fun and practical. I went through all exercises in the Essentials certification and the ones available in the Business Logic course. I would appreciate even more complicated examples for those who want to go further in detail.
Veerle: It’s good to catch up with all the new features that you might have missed over the year, or as it was for me, to refresh your memory. The final tests at the end of each course are also very helpful — especially the explanations to the questions you got wrong.

Q: What is your recommendation for people whove just started exploring Resco’s technology?

Omayma: Get to really know it! Resco is a must for organizations interested in optimizing and automating their mobile and field service business processes, whether as a solution or as a partner.

NORRIQ’s team consists of professionals who are actively learning and upskilling. Their feedback also helps us to improve our learning and training materials. Would you like to share your experience? Contact us at academy@resco.net.

And if you have more questions about onboarding or training, also let us know at academy@resco.net. Resco Academy is available 24/7 for everyone, covering not only Resco basics as well as advanced topics.