Do health and safety regulations stress you out? This tool will help you calm your nerves

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From today’s perspective, some health and safety rules may seem like overkill, and others may make starting your workday a chore. Understandably, this often frustrates workers and managers alike to no end. So it should come as no surprise there are so many memes about these regulations. Because what do we do with frustration? That’s right, turn it into jokes.

But workplace H&S is no joke

International Labour Organization (a specialized agency of the UN) estimates 2,3 million work-related deaths every year. The vast majority of these deaths are preventable and happen in places with poor working conditions.

In the EU and US, where regulations are relatively strict, deaths have been declining for decades. In the US, around 4000 work-related fatalities are reported every year. Meanwhile, in the entirety of Europe, of over 260 million economically active adults, approximately 4,500 suffer fatal accidents every year.

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We may feel overwhelmed by the regulations, but they keep us safe. That is a fact. If you still feel invincible despite the evidence of risk, maybe you’d be interested in economic aspects of workplace deaths, injuries, and illnesses.

Economical impact of health and safety violations

In the EU, around 2,4 million work accidents happen every year. The statistic mentions events requiring at least 4 days of absence from work, meaning about 10 000 000 workdays are lost. Imagine how much more could we get done if we were a little more cautious.

On average, the US state and federal funds pay $12 billion in worker compensation every year. Just in the first quarter of 2021, OSHA sought more than $900 000 in top three fines for violating regulations. And that’s just for breaking the rules – before any accidents could happen.

Way out

Yes, the regulations are complex. And the risks are just too significant to take. So how can you ensure your workers are safe and your company is complying? Our checklists can help. Start with our 30-day no-strings-attached trial and see for yourself how much easier H&S will get to manage.

Our checklist for health & safety compliance saves you a ton of time, is fully customizable and digital. You can make it your own based on your industry’s regulations and standards. Add photos, videos, or audio for your workers to help them understand the equipment better. Track employee training. Keep PPE in check. Report on work environment hazards.

Ease the managers‘ workload with our interactive checklist. Tracking and reporting are faster, it’s completely digital and can be saved to the cloud or your company’s server for future reference. Do whatever you need to make sure everybody is safe – and do it paperless.

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Health and Safety Assessment

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