Next generation of Resco Mobile CRM: Reinventing the Views

About a month ago, I revealed our plans to change mobile CRM for good. To make place for the next generation of business apps, starting with our Resco Mobile CRM – mobile client for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM.
Now I am going to show you a few screenshots of the new views we’ve designed.

Combined, multi-entity views

The first and main difference is that the new app shows more entities in one, combined View.
Multi-entity views is Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
New multi-entity views in Resco Mobile CRM app for MS Dynamics CRM.
Of course, this makes sense only for those entities that share some similarities. For example, one view lists all activities (such as Email, Phone Call, Service Activity,…), other all entities with a physical address (Account, Contact, Lead,…), and another one combines sales-related entities (Opportunity, Quote, Order,…).
The combined View will display a different content for each record, with respect to its nature. So an Email activity would display Sender, Subject and the first line of the e-mail body in the rows below, but an Appointment would display the Subject, Location and Attendees, and so forth. This brings me to another new feature:

Extended rows

Every record in the view can be shown in a compact or an extended format.
First, you’ll always see the compact view – just a few lines for each record. But if you tap the arrow in the blue circle next to each record, the view will be extended to provide additional information.
In the picture above, you can see an appointment “Meeting with Peter…” with extended rows. In addition to the basic info, it shows also the regarding field (in this case an account “Lots of Bikes Storehouse”) and the forecasted weather for the appointment’s location & time.
All the fields are clickable, so when a user taps on any field from the extended row, it will show him the respective Form on the right side of the screen. So you no longer need to click on an activity and then go into the related account to get to the info you are looking for. You can do this with just one click from the view.

Horizontal scrolling

The third great feature is the horizontal scrolling of related records.
The following picture shows a combined View of Accounts, Contacts and Leads. It shows extended rows for the account “Lots of Bikes Storehouse” and for the contact “Peter Seger”.
Multi-entity views is Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Related records can be scrolled horizontally if they don’t fit into the screen.
In the rows below these records, you can see horizontal lists of related Contacts and Activities. If not all related records fit into the width of the view, you can scroll horizontally to see them all.
And again, tapping a particular record from this list will open up its detailed Form on the right side of the screen.
Of course, all of the above mentioned attributes can be configured in Woodford. So you can group entities for the combined views yourself, and choose what your extended rows will show.

Next up…

I hope now you have a better idea of how the new Views will work. If you want to see the new design of the Forms, click on this link that will take you to the next blog post. And believe me, that’s a significant change as well.

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