Five key takeaways from Andrew Lorraine’s keynote at resco.NEXT 2023

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Resco’s annual conference kicked off on Tuesday, Oct. 24 with a keynote from our CEO, Andrew Lorraine. He welcomed our guests and introduced them to the theme of the conference: “Bringing the cloud to the ground.” Curious about where Resco is headed? Read our blog to learn the key insights from his keynote.

Love watching more than reading? Watch the full Keynote session from resco.NEXT 2023:

The first set of mobile solutions for Power Platform launches 

We are happy to bring our mobile expertise to the Power Platform and make it available for everyone developing business applications in this environment.  

The first set includes three apps: Forms+, Docs+, and Steps+, which give you the ability to create questionnaires, documents, and guides (and much more).  

Now anyone developing on the Power Platform will be able to utilize the best from Resco to speed up the development of business applications that tackle frontline challenges related to data capture, knowledge sharing, and document generation.  

Toan Fjeldaas from Evidi speaking at Resco Next in Marbella 2023
Toan Fjeldaas from Evidi joined Andrew on stage at resco.NEXT 2023

Andrew was joined on stage by Toan Fjeldaas, the Chief Product Officer at Evidi, who developed a custom solution combining the Power Platform with Resco’s technology. You can learn more about the Solutions for Power Platform in our explanatory blog.

We are supporting partners in building their own verticals  

We see this as a great opportunity for partners to differentiate themselves in the market and to create a new business offering.  

“Our technology can do the heavy lifting and enable partners to create a branded, custom app for their solutions,” said Andrew.  

Another partner utilizing Resco’s technology for a specialized business app is Tom Moortgat from Cegeka. Tom has built Fearless Leader, a fully customized solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s a tailored ISV solution for enhancing sales and service performance, utilizing Resco’s mobile capabilities to build it on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Power BI. 

Further investing in the quality of the mobile experience  

We are continuing to invest significantly in developing our offline capabilities to keep delivering the best offline experience on the market.  

We are focusing on making UI / UX improvements to ensure frontline workers’ experience with enterprise software is as comfortable as consumer apps.  

Some of the UX / UI improvements are already available as a part of our recent release.  

Ben Vollmer joins Resco as Strategic Advisor at Resco Next Keynote blog Marbella 2023
Ben Vollmer on stage in Marbella

Ben Vollmer comes on board as a Strategic Advisor   

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Vollmer will be advising our board and CEO.  

With his experience as the Global Director for Dynamics 365 Field Service and a product management leader, he brings decades of industry expertise to refine our product strategy and help us realize our vision. We are looking forward to our collaboration.  

Resco Labs launches to nurture innovation  

This year, we launched our in-house innovation lab to test and bring in new ideas. It looks at the future of mobile work and pioneers projects with the potential to bring improvements to our field. 

Resco Labs has a list of 30 different mobile work innovations. They are currently working on an AI Chatbot Assistant or ALIS, an asset localization and identification system.  

We also keep a standing call for new ideas from the entire Resco community. Read more about Resco Labs on our blog.  

Andrew Lorraine delivering his keynote at Resco Next Keynote blog Marbella 2023
Andrew Lorraine presenting on stage

Bringing the cloud to the ground 

These were the key five takeaways from Andrew Lorraine’s keynote.  The conference then continued with two tracks – the Technical Track and the Business Track.  The overarching theme connecting them is our dedication to building mobile-first technology that works reliably and is geared towards meeting the real needs of users.  

We really are thrilled to be here to reconnect with you, and also, to roll up our sleeves, to talk about the specific challenges that your businesses are facing.

Andrew Lorraine, CEO Resco

We will continue sharing exciting conversations and good ideas from the stage at resco.NEXT on our blog. See more content from the conference by searching for the hashtag #resconext2023 on LinkedIn.