Know before you go – 2019 in Rome

You know the saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But wait, what did the Romans actually do?

If you join us for 2019, taking place in Rome, Italy, on 24 – 25 October 2019, you can find out yourself – the city boasts countless attractions worth visiting during your stay. And below you’ll find a few tips and recommendations to make sure you really do as the Romans do.

(The number with the arrow behind every attraction, restaurant, café or bar represents the distance from the A.Roma LIfestyle Hotel to the particular destination)

Top 7 attractions


Colosseum (↔ 9,5 km)

Just like the Eiffel tower belongs to Paris, the Colosseum belongs to Rome. Built almost 2000 years ago, the Colosseum was by then the greatest Roman amphitheater used for exhibitions, executions and gladiator fights. Now, around 6 million people are coming to visit the landmark each year.


Roman Forum (↔ 9,1 km)

The Roman Forum represents the heart of the political and religious life in Rome. There are several temples inside the forum as well as the ancient streets where Julius Ceasar was walking.


Trevi Fountain (↔8,6 km)

Built in 1732, it’s the largest and most beautiful fountain in the city. Don’t forget to throw a coin into the water. (1 coin: you will return to Rome; 2 coins: you’ll fall in love with an attractive Italian; 3 coins: you’ll marry the person you met). Fun fact: 3000€ are collected every night from the fountain!


St. Peter’s Basilica (↔6,1 km)

Next to St. Peter’s Square, you can find the Basilica as one of the holiest symbols of Christianity and one of the largest churches in the world. Take the stairs to the top of the dome and enjoy an unforgettable view of St. Peter’s Square and the city.


Sistine Chapel (↔5,5 km)

Another treasure worth seeing at least once in a lifetime is Vatican’s Sistine Chapel. It is famous especially for its ceiling painted by Michelangelo, and as the place where popes are elected.

spanish steps.jpg

Piazza di Spagna & Spanish Steps (↔9,2 km)

This famous square is the home of the Spanish Embassy for Vatican – located here since the seventeenth century – and one of the most visited squares in Rome. On the Spanish Steps, you can sit, relax, and enjoy the view.



Pantheon (↔7,3 km)

Known also as the Roman Pantheon, it is one of the architectural masterpieces of the Italian capital. It is the most preserved building from ancient Rome. Tombs of many famous kings can be found here as well.


Roman cuisine:


Cacio e Pepe
Spaghetti with pecorino romano cheese and black pepper.

Artichokes grown in Italy that can be prepared alla Giudia style – deep-fried – or alla Romana style – steamed with garlic and chopped herbs, including mint and olive oil.

Supplì (pictured on the right)
Crispy giant breaded croquettes filled with mozzarella, pecorino, rice, and meat sauce.

Roman-style pizza
Traditional Roman-style pies are ultra-thin and crispy with light toppings and minimal cheese.

Coffee houses

Antico Caffe Greco (↔7,7 km)
Opened in 1860, Antico Caffé Greco is the oldest coffee shop in Rome. It is formal, the prices are high, and it’s crowded.

Sant Eustachio Il Caffe (↔6,6 km)
Café near the Pantheon that roasts their own coffee beans.

Bar del Cappuccino (↔5,4 km)
The bar in the Hebrew Ghetto makes the best cappuccino downtown.

Bars with a view


Les Etoiles (↔6,3 km)
The open rooftop terrace of the Hotel Atlante Star.

Tiziano Terrace (↔8,1 km)
On the 5th floor of the Monti Palace Hotel.

Radisson Blu es. Hotel Roma Rooftop (↔10,2 km)
7th-floor rooftop pool and lounge bar.



Da Armando al Pantheon (↔7,0 km)
Traditional Roman cuisine. There are just 14 tables at this cozy little place, located near some of the major tourist attractions. Be sure to book ahead.

Da Enzo Al 29 (↔5,6 km)
The best choice for Pasta in Rome, offering also other typical Italian meals. Order a table in advance, otherwise you’ll have to wait for a long time.

CiPasso (↔7,0 km)
This restaurant is in the top 5 of all restaurants in Rome. Short menu, friendly owners, beautiful dishes. Definitely not a typical tourist place.

Pizza e Mozzarella (↔7,0 km)
If you want to go for a little pizza snack during the day, this is the #1 choice for fresh-made pizza on TripAdvisor out of all restaurants in Rome. Try it out and stop by!


shopping high.jpg

Via Condotti (↔10,4 km)
Best choice for all High-end fashion lovers. This popular shopping street offers a wide range of famous luxury stores like Versace, Gucci, Prada, Armani & Cavalli.

Via Cola di Rienzo (↔6,5 km)
his shopping street just north of the Vatican offers many of the superstores. It’s also home to a variety of high-end, premium, and mid-range stores. Another difference is the amount of people – it has far fewer tourists crowding the sidewalks.

Via del Corso (↔7,2 km)
Probably the most known shopping street in Rome, packed with shops from top to bottom. Here, big retailers like Zara, H&M, Benetton, Diesel, and others seamlessly mix with smaller family-run stores.

Public transport & taxi

Tickets for public transport

Due to limitations of the metro and the tram which usually don’t pass the main attractions, the best option for tourists is to take the bus. Tickets can be bought at any metro station, news-stand or convenience stores. Don’t forget to validate your ticket – once you buy one, you need to insert your ticket in a validation machine on the bus. bus

One-way ticket (BIT): 1,50€ (lasts 100 minutes since its first validation).

Day pass (BIG): 6,00€ (unlimited use until midnight of the same day).

3 Day Tourist Pass (BTI): 16,50€ (unlimited use for three days from the moment it is first validated).

Roma Pass: 48-hour Roma Pass: 28 € / 72-hour Roma Pass: 38,50 € (free use of public transport & discounts on many city highlights for the respective time)

You can also plan your route ahead, on the city’s official public transport website.



Rate 1: 1,10€ per km (until you get to 11€)

Rate 2: 1,30€ per km (rate starts once the fare gets to 11€ and goes until it gets to 13€)

Rate 3: 1,60€ per km (until the end of the trip)

Some of the best taxi companies in the city:
Radio Taxi: 06-3570  /  Pronto Taxi: 06-6645

Do’s and Don’ts in Rome

As you know, Rome is a major metropolis, with tourists from all around the world. In order to avoid falling into some of the common “tourist traps”, here’s our final advice:

DON’T ask men dressed like Gladiators to pose for a photo without asking for the price first. Posing for a photo is not for free!

DON’T go for a taxi offering you a fixed rate for the ride. Choose one with a labeled official meter. Fixed-rate taxis will charge you twice as much for the ride!

DON’T post photos from Vatican’s museums online when you visit. Taking pictures is permitted only for personal use. Flashlights are strictly forbidden, as well as the use of selfie sticks and other equipment.

DO order a “caffé americano” if you want a regular coffee. Otherwise you’ll get an espresso if you order just a “caffé”.

DO take taxis that are officially accredited by the city of Rome. You can recognize those cabs by their yellow or white look, or the “Certificate of Comune di Roma” sticker on the side of the car.

DO carry a bottle of water with you while exploring the city. The best thing: you can always easily refill your bottle at public fountains all around the city at any time!

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Hope to see you in Rome!

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