A talk with Resco’s new MVP – Avanade’s Jens Grambau

Jens Grambau Resco partner from Avanade

It is with great pride we announce that Jens Grambau has been awarded as a Resco Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 12/9/2020 – 12/9/2021. The Resco MVP Award is an annual award that recognizes individuals that have been actively sharing their technology, business and industry knowledge to communities related directly or indirectly to Resco. This can take place online (blog articles, social media posts, webinars) or at local, regional, and international business events. Consultants who have played a key role in successful Resco implementations and who helped us reach new markets are also eligible for the title.

All of us at Resco recognize and appreciate Jens’ extraordinary contributions and want to take this opportunity to share our appreciation with him.

Jens, congratulation to your great achievement! Briefly give the audience some background info about yourself. 

Thank you very much! It truly is an honor to get this recognition from Resco.

I have been working for Avanade since 2015. As a senior consultant in digital sales and service, I am responsible for technical and professional consulting. I am specialized in the development of mobile applications, as well as in the expansion and strategic design of Dynamics 365 in the field service and the overall service area. In cooperation with the delivery teams, I develop digital strategies and take care of customer implementations. The focus is on process standardization and highly specialized software applications. As a specialist and having a big passion for IT, I am also enthusiastic about mixed reality, mobile platforms, predictive maintenance, and social media.

How and when did your Resco journey start?

My journey with Resco started in 2016. At first, we had a project where we did a technical assessment of different mobile platform solution providers. That was the time I got to know Resco.

Which Resco product do you feel the most connected to and why?

For me, that’s Resco for Dynamics 365 and the standard Resco Mobile CRM. Why? I like the great possibilities you have to configure the app while using entities and fields from Dynamics. Extend the single Forms and Lists with commands and rules and also influence the UI/UX. The variety of the out of the box features delivered by the platform is incredible.

What industries have you worked in so far?

I worked mainly in the manufacturing area but also have experience in the pharmaceutical and medical technology area.

What are the common pain points your customers are facing, and how does Resco solve them?

Most of the time, customers request a stable and reliable mobile application which they can use everywhere, at any time, on different devices, with the specific data and processes they need. And Resco gives the opportunity to build those mobile applications. When I think of the spectrum of features, it’s just genius. There are several out-of-the-box functionalities like full offline capability, fully customizable solution either using a no-code/low-code approach or a fully customized development one, customizable UI, branding opportunities, and feature-rich mobile reports… all of this significantly increases the benefits of the application. 

What is also worth mentioning and what customers always like a lot is the very high agility you have while using Woodford to customize and deploy changes within minutes. The reaction time on necessary changes or even the necessity to create quick PoCs or MVPs is given.

What technologies and solutions are you currently working with?

Right now, I work with the latest technologies in the mixed reality area, as well as the newest Dynamics 365 technology. This combination, together with the latest Resco technologies as the mobile platform, gives me big opportunities to try and learn new things, to break out of the common barriers, and think disruptively. This leads to new solutions that help customers to strengthen and optimize their processes and businesses.

Do you have any experience with wearables, mixed reality headsets, voice control, or other smart devices in the field service industry? 

Yes, especially now that the topic around remote support for field service has increased heavily over the last few months. My experience is supporting technicians using a HoloLens in combination with a mobile device to support their day-to-day job. The goal was to strengthen and secure their service job execution when more and more restrictions have been set due to COVID-19, but business processes needed to continue.

What are your thoughts about the new global partnership between Resco and Avanade? What are your expectations from it?

This is an excellent opportunity for us as Avanade and you, Resco, as an ISV to strengthen our position in the market for mobile applications. Furthermore, we have new ways to work together closer and faster than ever before. With new ways, I mean to have a more common strategy to approach different technology topics, create new assets and features, and of course, make great success stories for our clients. 

My expectations from the global partnership are that we can develop new concepts and features, like extended report creation or integration of third-party apps, for customers worldwide, strengthen the position of the Resco platform and maybe organize some events together.

What do you think about Resco’s Field Service 2.0?

When Resco Field Service 2.0 comes into my mind, I see a fully-fledged solution ready to go to help field service employees do their daily business in a modern mobile way. Furthermore, the integration of all Resco solutions like the Inspections is a great benefit. Even when I “look” into the future, all the devices like Smartwatches, smart glasses, and so on will change the work processes in a positive way as we do not need to carry heavy laptops and other bigger devices; we can just use what we have at the wrist, in the pocket or on our heads.

And any thoughts on Resco’s Inspections?

Resco Inspections is a great featured solution to digitize several processes that have been paper-based before. The great intuitive configuration tool has a lot of possibilities to create reports and questionnaires. The mobile workforce can benefit a lot from this tool as per design questions can be created in that way that they guide the user as good as possible and increase at the same time the accuracy of the gathered data and the satisfaction of the use of the application. 

If there is a fast ramp-up needed for a digitalization project in this Inspection area Resco Inspections is definitely a solution to choose as it is fast setup, the templates can be created in an easy way and furthermore, ready to be integrated in Dynamics 365.

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