Resco Academy, Resco Wiki, and other resources: A short guide to Resco’s knowledge base


There are plenty of new courses available in Resco Academy, our learning platform. We also enriched Resco Wiki, our knowledge hub related to Resco products, with many new sections and pages. And last but not least, we share new articles and guides on our blog, which recently received a brand-new look.

While it’s good to have so much information at your fingertips, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of available resources. That’s why we prepared this short guide for you – to make sure you always know where to look for the information you need at a given moment. As a bonus, a few of our partners shared their favorite Resco resources with us, as well as a few recommendations to help you make the most of your learning journey.

First of all, let’s go through all the resources one by one and explain how and when they can serve you.

Resco Academy

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You should turn to Resco Academy if:

  • You’re new to Resco, and you need an introduction to Resco technology
    Suggested next step: Enroll in Resco Essentials Certification
  • You would like to level up your skills in a particular subject or Resco product (e.g. Business Logic or Resco Inspections)
    Suggested next step: Enroll in a course related to that particular subject or product
  • You would like to get practical skills (the majority of our technical courses include hands-on exercises and practical examples)
    Suggested next step: Enroll in the related technical courses
  • You would like to develop an advanced Resco skillset
    Suggested next step: Enroll in Resco Advanced Certification

I would recommend Resco Academy for gaining Resco-related knowledge over anything else. It’s good to have a place where the content is directly aimed at us. In my experience, the resource base of other applications is often aimed at the end-user, and you end up spending a lot of time just translating ideas rather than learning anything.

Harriet Higham, Functional Consultant, Snowden Consulting (SNCL), UK

Resco Wiki

Resco Wiki is the primary source of documentation for Resco products. When exactly do you need it, and what does it offer?

  • Whenever you need quick access to specific information, such as:
    • Information about different Resco products and tools: You’ve already worked with Resco, but there are still terms you’re not familiar with? In Resco Wiki, you’ll find all the definitions with examples and further explanations.
    • Information about integrations (e.g., API, connectors, based on different back-ends). Every implementation is different, and Wiki provides you with up-to-date guides on how to connect to different back-ends.
    • Resco features that are currently being deprecated to make sure that all features are still supported.
    • All release notes, including the summary of , so you can find all information about new features and bug fixes in one place.
    • Links to beta-testing versions to avoid any issues that might come up with a new update. This is especially beneficial for those who have very heavy customization in place or peculiar settings on the server side or for those who want to try the new features firsthand.
    • FAQ – chances are someone has already asked the question you have in mind. Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our Wiki.
  • Offers a built-in search box and is indexed by search engines
  • Contains links to other Resco resources (relevant blogs, YouTube videos, courses in Resco Academy, and more)

YouTube channel (Resco Developers)

Maybe you are already familiar with our YouTube channel. In 2020, all of us moved even more to the online space due to the global pandemic situation. As a result, we’ve uploaded more videos and webinars than ever before.

On our YouTube channel, you can find:

  • Promo videos of Resco products and features
    Whether you’re a partner or a customer, these videos will give you a taste of what our products are capable of (e.g., the AR video call functionality Resco Houston).

  • Demo webinars of Resco Products (especially Inspections) and of recently released features presented by our Sales Team
    See in-depth demonstrations of our product portfolio.
  • New release webinars
    Get an overview of the newly released products and features, and learn about their suggested use cases by experts from our Product Team. (If you missed our Autumn release webinar, you can watch it here
  • Webinars demonstrating how our partners leverage Resco solutions
    Get inspired by the real use cases of our solutions (for example by this from our partner, Avento – The Perfect Store: A day in a life of a salesman in Retail & OOH).

  • Online trainings
    Get exclusive trainings directly by Resco experts. If you are a more visual learner, this might be the right way for you to learn and expand your Resco know-how. Theses are also available in Resco Academy as dedicated courses, accompanied with examples and practical exercises (example: Mobile Reports).
  • How-to videos
    Get detailed, step-by-step instructions focused on Resco tools in the form of short videos (example: How to create a new application project).

“Where should I start?”

You might be thinking: “This is all wonderful, but where should I even begin when there’s so much to choose from?” If you’re asking this question right now, take the advice of Jens Grambau, Resco’s latest MVP, who has quite some experience with Resco:

1) Do the courses in Resco Academy and try things in a demo environment.
2) Check out Resco Wiki, the blog posts, and the videos on YouTube to gain more insights about the Resco ecosystem.
3) And last but not least: do the Resco Essentials certificate.

–  Jens Grambau, Avanade, Switzerland

Not a beginner anymore?

Enroll in our freshly released Advanced certification designed for users who already gained some basic knowledge and skills. This Learning Path will help you to fully leverage your solution by understanding the principles of business logic, synchronization and sync dashboard, mobile reports or logs and troubleshooting.

We value your help

A big thank you goes to all partners and customers who joined our online trainings, registered and actively completed the courses in Resco Academy, or visited Resco Wiki whenever they needed extra information or help. Seeing your enthusiasm and passion for learning and improving drives us even more to continue delivering valuable content and insightful resources in the coming year as well.