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Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365
The power of Dynamics CRM in the palm of your hand

Increase productivity of field workers

Resco Mobile CRM gives you around-the-clock access to your Microsoft Dynamics 365, so you can be productive whenever and wherever you happen to be. Packed with over 100 handy features, it’s the ultimate tool for mobile productivity.

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Integrate with all Microsoft Dynamics 365 types

Do you have Microsoft Dynamics 365? Dynamics CRM 2016, 2015, 2013, or 2011? Online or on-premises? Whichever you have (or will have), Resco Mobile CRM will work with it seamlessly.

Secure and easy to setup

It takes only 1 minute to download the application and sync it with your system. And you don‘t need to install any middleware. The data is transferred directly from the server to the application via standard Web Services provided by Microsoft. No data is stored (or cached) anywhere except the client’s local memory – increasing the security as there’s no data in any 3rd party solution, which it could leak from.

Entirely customizable

Need a perfect match? We are giving you countless customization possibilities — you’ll be surprised how tailored your mobile app can become. From custom entities to the look and feel of the user interface, you may customize every aspect of Resco Mobile CRM to make it truly yours.

Work smart, work offline

Just because the Internet connection stops working, doesn’t mean you must too. Work online instantly and modify the data on your server, or go offline with locally stored (and securely encrypted) database and automatically sync the changes when the connected again.

Let the app do the work for you

Business process flows are also available in Resco Mobile CRM. Let the app guide you seamlessly from point A to point B (eg. from lead to closing a sale), or take up the take up the mundane tasks that can be automated with form rules. For example, the delivery address can be already pre-filled when you create an order for an existing customer – saving your time & ensuring the data is correct.

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