Resco Routes: Route planning with real-time location tracking

Efficient route planning for your mobile workforce

Keep up with your field staff and manage their work seamlessly thanks to quick scheduling and live resource tracking.

Discover the benefits of real-time visual planning
and enhance your team’s productivity

Keep track of your staff in real time

Monitor your team’s progress on a map view with real-time data. Thanks to live location tracking you’ll always know who can drop in for a customer visit or answer a last minute service request.

Back to the future with Time Shift

Move in time and review how your team has progressed throughout the day. Besides the real-time view, you can also check their past locations and activities as well as a forecast for the near future. This way you can see if anyone will be finishing sooner than expected and can take on another assignment to help the team.

Effective scheduling

Plan you field work fast with the comprehensive Schedule Board. Besides easy drag-and-drop job assigning, you can also speed things up with rules and auto-scheduling and save time where it counts.

Personal route planner and more

The multi-platform mobile app helps field reps manage their travel work. With the calendar view with all their assignments, a route planner to optimize their routes, time tracking and timesheet management, they have everything they need to streamline their work and complete the job on time.

No additional hardware needed

With browser access for the back office and a mobile app sending location information in the background for the field staff, Resco Routes works even without additional GPS trackers for your vehicles. The app can be set to only send location data during a specific time frame, ensuring device holder’s privacy.


Resco Routes can be also natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM & Salesforce, allowing you to work with your Accounts, Contacts, Appointments, or other entities. API for integration with 3rd party systems is also available.


Start using location data to make quicker and better informed decisions

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