Resco Routes, the Must for Mobile Businesses | Resco

Keep up with your staff and manage their work seamlessly

Plan routes and keep track of your employees‘ work progress with Resco Routes – combining geographic and calendar data, even taking into account variables such as traffic and weather.

Why Resco Routes


Overview of your staff and tasks

Fully interactive, Resco Routes gives you a clear overview of your staff and the tasks at hand. Utilizing the map and calendar view with real-time data, you’ll always know who can drop in for a customer visit or answer a last minute service request.


Plan routes for every team member

The map view shows you the areas each person on your staff is responsible for, highlighted with matching colors. Once you’ve created the route plan, the solid line indicates the route they have already completed, and the dotted line represents the part still ahead.


Avoid those traffic jams

In Resco Routes you also have the information on traffic control, road closures, and even accidents. So you always know when your staff needs to take a detour because of a traffic jam which threatens the successful completion of the next job, on time.


Consider the weather

And don’t forget to check the weather. After all, what’s the point of dispatching your crew to a client, if there’s a storm coming? They might not even get there, let alone complete the repairs required.


There’s no crystal ball – yet you can see the past & future

With the built-in Time Scheduler, you can view how the team has progressed throughout the day. And based on past and current data, the Resco Routes dynamically updates the schedule of your staff. So you can even view a forecast for the near future developments.


Web application for managers, mobile app for field teams

Team leaders, managers, or supervisors utilize a web-based app to schedule work, plan routes and monitor progress. Workers in the field use a dedicated mobile app in which they receive & complete work orders, running on all major operating systems and devices.


Resco Routes can be also natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM & Salesforce. API for integration with 3rd party systems is also available.