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Resco for Dynamics 365

Drive your business growth with the most versatile mobility solution

Take advantage of your Dynamics data in every scenario, streamline the fieldwork processes, and win more satisfied customers with unrivaled mobility experience for Dynamics 365.

25% increase in completed property inspections

“Resco allows a regional manager to keep a complete overview of each account and our products and services, efficiently plan visits, and react to any unexpected inquiries right on the spot.”

2 weeks to implement

“I think the absolute best feature is how easy it is to customize the solution. We’ve been able to deliver mobile projects within weeks. We even had a project which had taken a mere 2 weeks—from the first workshop until going live, releasing completely new functionality in the app.”

Wide device support and customizability

“Simply put, Resco is the only solution that works across all major operating systems, all required CRM deployments, both online and offline. And on top of that offers unrivaled customization options.”

100% increase in customer visits

“Mobile access to all data has a significant impact on the time sales representatives spend on getting information about customers or analyzing their behavior. Ultimately, we have doubled the total number of our customer visits, from 2,000 to 4,000 per day.”

Ready-to-use products designed to fit your scenario

iPhone / iPad / watchOS


Android / Wear OS


Go paperless and digitize your inspections with ease. Set up dynamic forms, unique questionnaires, checklists, and generate reports directly on-site.

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Plan routes for you or your team members and keep track of the work progress in real-time. Analyze past performance or peak into the future with TimeShift feature.

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Mobile Sales

Allow your sales reps to manage leads and deals outside of the office, control the team’s schedule, and get real-time insights about their performance.

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Field Service 2.0

Accelerate efficiency gains, ensure knowledge continuity, and maximize user adoption with a complete field service solution. No asterisks. No limitations.

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Explore Multiexperience Development Platform

It allows you to customize your solution for any platform and device without coding skills.

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Ben Vollmer

Resco has been a phenomenal partner for me personally as well as Microsoft for a good number of years. I love working with the company, everyone’s got a great attitude, if I call and say we have a problem or a challenge, they say let’s go solve this, let’s go fix this. That makes me personally very happy.

Ben Vollmer
Global Dynamics 365 Field Service Director, Microsoft

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