Resco vs. MoCA


I’ll start with a question. Why does Microsoft need MoCA? The answer is easy. Because Saleceforce.com (SFDC) has its own mobile app (called Salesforce1), and it is an important mark in the comparison table. This is also a reason Microsoft provides MoCA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-premise (2013/2015 and up with various exceptions).
In general, both apps (MoCA and Salesforce1) have similarities. They were designed for online CRM access, which is a natural prerequisite for SaaS. They both have been designed as a mobile extension of the standard CRM functionality, for users that occasionally request mobile access to corporate CRM data.

Resco Mobile CRM

A typical user of Resco Mobile CRM is a sales rep or a field technician. A person who spends most of their work time out of the office. Someone who uses Resco as their main tool for accessing corporate CRM data, and  does not use a standard CRM interface at all.
This is a very important thing to realize. It means that Resco has to provide full CRM functionality at all times, whether there is or there is not internet access. It means that the mobile app must support the complete account, SFA, any activities, and other relationship management functionality. Simply put all the common parts of the standard CRM. In addition to this, is a configuration tool that allows for modification of the mobile app based on customer requirements, which are usually quite significant. And once again, everything in FULL functionality (rich mobile experience). Not a mobile access extension only.

Can Microsoft develop a fully featured mobile CRM?

From a technical point of view, it’s possible. However, the task is not as simple as it might look. A cross-platform and offline mobile app must be developed in completely different development technologies than a browser-based CRM client, so there’s just a little part of the source code that could be reused. To develop a FULLY featured mobile CRM app means to develop another CRM client from scratch.
Moreover, we have to consider the fact that Microsoft faced a challenging experience with mobility since the beginning, such as the lagging market share of Windows Phone based devices compared to iOS and Android. Thus, there has been and will be a constant pressure from Microsoft to prefer Windows-based devices, although most mobile users don’t use them at all. (E.g. MoCA user interface follows Windows Phone UI standards for all mobile platforms, with many confusing UI elements and navigation controllers that are unfamiliar for iOS and Android users.)
Another fact to keep in mind is that Microsoft started developing the first mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms only two years ago when Satya Nadella replaced Steve Ballmer as a Microsoft CEO.
However, the main reason why Microsoft (together with SFDC, Oracle, and SAP)  have not made a truly real, full-featured offline mobile CRM, is because of business. Mobile apps do not make any extra money for Microsoft. It charges for every CRM user; whether they’re mobile or not. Developing, maintaining, and supporting cross-platform offline mobile apps generates significant extra costs. So what Microsoft really needs, is a mark in the comparison table when competing with SFDC to win the whole CRM deal.
Partial proof of the above facts can be seen in this year’s keynote speech that took place at Microsoft Envision 2016. The only mobile CRM client showcased and demonstrated at the keynote was the Field Service mobile app, which is fully based on Resco Mobile CRM. That of course, means a great success for us and we are most proud of it.

Why Resco is the way to go?

Resco aims to satisfy both technologically and in support-wise its customers and their needs. There is no need to prefer the Windows Mobile platform over others out there, nor does Resco need to compete with SFDC.
Resco simply wants to focus on mobile CRM functions, making it the powerhouse in your workplace for engaging in long-standing customer relationships all while having the ease of use, wherever you go. With no clunky internal processes and respect to global strategy defined by corporate headquarters, Resco develops its mobile CRM technology based on what our real users need. All the while, aiming to do so within a reasonable timeframe to maintain people’s productivity because we understand that current mobile environments request immediate decisions and actions. Our goal is for our technology to serve our users as their main, or the only suitable tool for accessing CRM data, wherever, whenever. That’s an extremely high set goal, one that needs to be nurtured, aim for quick responses, and as always, listening to our customer’s voices, as they propel us to make our solutions even better.