Improve your app by creating your first JSBridge script with Resco Academy


Resco JavaScript Bridge is one of the most demanded features among our partners. Why? The simple answer is its ability to customize and tailor solutions to specific use cases.

If you want to stand out from the competition, you need to offer additional value: eliminate human errors, simplify user experience and boost user adoption. This is all possible with Resco JavaScript Bridge.

Among the main app improvements  enabled by JSBridge are:

Allowing fast access to various data. No matter if the information is available in the offline storage of your device or directly on the CRM server, it has never been easier to access data on your own terms.

Screenshot of statistics from an app
Example of simple statistics accessible right from the home menu in the app.

Gaining more control over the user interface. Adjust images and colors, add various iframes for appealing looks, and simplify navigation. You can use Google Maps iframe, allowing app users to pinpoint their location. Search with an autocomplete feature or display the LinkedIn account of a relevant contact right in the application. There are no limitations!

Screenshot from an app using JSBridge
UI changes using JSBridge: Yes, this is a Resco app that was used at one of our events.

Creating complex business logic that works even offline. There are thousands of options. Here are two of the most common use cases.

Sales: Disable discount on specific products.

Field service: Determine what kind of service the machine needs based on the values entered in the service form. Once the user enters the data, the app should suggest the type of required service to the user.

Screenshot from a Resco app, discount availability Complex Validation with JSBridge: Discount availability based on company rules eliminates human errors.

The good news is that from now on, you can start building your JSBridge know-how at Resco Academy! Only basic technical skills are required — no need for years of coding experience.

Who is our first JSBridge course for?

Our new course Introduction to Resco JSBridge is designed for:

  • Managers who want to learn more about the options offered by JSBridge and Offline HTML
  • Woodford administrators without coding skills who want to gain more in-depth knowledge about iframes and HTML content in the app
  • Developers who want to start from the very beginning and learn the basics of Resco JSBridge
  • JavaScript experts without exposure to Resco who want to know about available resources, best practices, and limitations of Resco JSBridge.

What will you learn?

As mentioned above, we want to give you a solid base that you can build on. In this course, you will:

  • Get recommendations for source code editors and tools to use for versioning and debugging
  • Learn what you should be aware of when starting with your first code, together with some productivity tricks
  • Gain an understanding of iframes and how to use them to improve your app’s efficiency
  • Create your first script.

There are more courses dedicated to advanced customization on the way. So waste no time and learn how to create and use the first script in your Resco app.

Resco’s platform is extensive, and there are still areas we haven’t covered in Resco Academy. And we can fix that faster with a little help from you! Fill out this 1-minute survey and improve our understanding of your interactions with Resco technology.

What’s in it for you? Apart from telling us which areas we should focus on in upcoming courses, you will get to see Resco Inspections used for yet another use case – an anonymous survey with no login required.