My first time at resco.next: Newbies’ impressions


Resco.next 2018 is over and as the photos can prove, it was an eventful two days. We hope you enjoyed yourself and will join us next time, when we come to Rome. But for the time being, how did we perceive the event? Who were some of the new faces you could have seen at the event, and what did they think about it?

Zuzana Curajova - resco.net
Product team
Zuzana Curajova

As a rather fresh addition to the Resco Product team, this has been my first resco.next conference. Without any exaggeration I must admit that I was amazed by the great vibes and overall atmosphere at the conference. The Resco team has done an amazing job, but an even bigger thank you belongs to our partners and attendees, for showing a genuine interest in our product and making this experience unforgettable. A presenter can only wish for such a great audience every time. And as all roads lead to Rome, see you all there at the next resco.next!

Jan Ziman - resco.net
UI/UX team
Jan Ziman

I would like to say, I’m really glad that I could be a part of the well organized conference supported with an excellent atmosphere created by our friendly partners and customers. I hope that it was rich in content and valuable in creating a better understanding of the Resco platform, Woodford, the customization of the app and rest of the issues that were discussed. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with a very good and diverse set of external speakers and participants.

Lucia Pavlikova - resco.net
Support team
Lucia Pavlikova

Resco.next Prague was my first Resco conference and I would like to thank my colleagues and our attendees for having such a wonderful time sharing knowledge and experience. Each partner, customer, and client contributed with a little piece of new know-how, which is definitely pushing Resco forward. I especially appreciate being a part of the one-on-one sessions, since I was able to have personal contact with people I talk to by email on daily basis. Together, we were able to resolve issues on-site and came up with interesting ideas for future requests. Resco.next is not only an enterprise mobility conference, but also a conference which builds and maintains great B2B relationships.

Jakub Bajla - resco.net
Business development team
Jakub Bajla

I’ve attended a number of conferences and each of them was a bit different, but resco.next was honestly something else in its entirety. Just looking at the agenda, it was clear that Resco took the extra effort so attendees could get the most from the content — not just from us, the authors of enterprise mobility, but also from the breadth of external speakers. The record-breaking attendance also drew top notch expertise from fellow partners & clients which pretty much highlights the openness & collaborative spirit of the conference. I think it’s safe to say that we accomplished what we aimed for, to deliver an environment where people can share their experience and work together to solve their challenges and form their visions. The icing on top: this primarily business event also gave air time to non-business perspectives: for example, City Smart Services which Resco has given out for free as a pilot project to its native country in Slovakia. Or the fantastic project with the UNHCR where the goal is not to make or save money, but to help people who need it the most.

Lukas Busek - resco.net
Partner team
Lukas Busek

Having the opportunity to attend resco.next for the first time was very valuable for me. To be able to see all the people, whether they were customers, prospects, or partners being interested in what we do and who we are was very inspiring. Meeting other people and being able to talk with them not only about „work“ and see their human side was an experience worth a visit. I hope to see many great people in Rome at resco.next 2019!

Veronika Dullova - resco.net
Marketing team
Veronika Dullova

Not only was this my first conference of this size in general, but seeing it from the organizational side made everything all the more exciting.  It was a smooth sailing, with the best food as a cherry on top (pun intended). Seeing our customers and partners genuinely interested in our offering and hearing where they can see themselves with the help of Resco filled us with pride and reassurement. The kind you feel when you work on something that makes sense. Now I can approach my tasks with a new wave of enthusiasm (and try to become better at listening so I don’t butcher your name next time you come to my table to pick up your badge).

Resco.next, The Business Mobility of the Year, now enters its 8th edition and as usual strives to be bigger and better than ever before. Visit resco.net/next to and save your spot for Resco.next 2019 Rome! If you have any questions, contact our event manager, Simona Luhova.