Learn how to enhance your mobility solution with JavaScript in the new Resco JSBridge course

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If you have ever designed a solution for field technicians, sales representatives, or deskless workers, the chances are it needed to handle a lot of data and attachments.

And if that’s the case, the more focused one should be on the user experience and data integrity.

You don’t want your users to scroll up and down or tap through several screens. And at the same time, you want only high-quality data entering your database.

But how to ensure that your app has these capabilities?

The rules can be one part of the answer.

By using rules, you can show the relevant data for your users, pre-populate fields, verify inserted values, and do many more to improve the user experience in your solution.

Our customization tool Woodford allows you to do a lot of tweaking when it comes to rules and business logic.

But what if you still need more advanced improvements?

Here’s where Resco JavaScript Bridge (JSBridge) might come in handy.

And that’s why we’ve developed a new course where you can learn how to work with JSBridge in Resco.

What will you learn in Resco JSBridge course #2

In our second course dedicated to Resco JSBridge, you’ll go through the various use cases focusing mainly on UI elements – forms and views.

In addition, you’ll also get a short walkthrough for using the Resco JSBridge in Questionnaires and Route plans. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Different ways to effectively work with the organization’s data
  • How to manage On Change or On Save events on entity forms, and how to modify or add commands
  • How to modify entity views using JavaScript, how to handle events and manage commands
  • How to tweak lookup windows, questionnaires, route plans, and more

To make this topic easier to understand, most of the use cases consist of a short description, script example, script description, and screenshots of the script in action. It also includes some tips and hints for successful execution.

In this example, you see the script and the result of the executed script in the app:

JavaScript used in Resco App

Who’s it for?

The course is designed for anyone who wants to go above and beyond Woodford rules.

It focuses mainly on Resco advanced users, especially individuals who are developing and designing Resco solutions.

If you feel like getting a leg up before you start with scripts, enroll in the Introduction to Resco JSBridge.

You will get recommendations for source code editors and tools to use for versioning and debugging while also learning what you should be aware of when starting with your first code.

Where to start?

Enroll in Resco JSBridge #2, which is available in Resco Academy – our free training and learning platform.

Its library includes courses on various subjects from introductory to advanced, from business-oriented to entirely technical.

For Resco JSBridge documentation, visit Resco Wiki.