Mobile CRM: It’s real-world case studies that drive home the benefits

Note: This blogpost was written by Rick McCutcheon, Dynamics Solutions MVP and CSP.
Mobility is transforming the business world. And more and more there are real-world examples of mobile CRM creating efficiency, cost-savings and optimizing the use of critical customer data.
Field service staff can have access to inventory records, service reports and other critical information on the scene. Sales staff can have a complete overview of customer data at their fingertips. And management can have indispensable field site records available – even offline – if housed in a mobile CRM.
It’s that global need to make time more valuable. It’s the necessity to answer questions from the field when asked. Businesses have incredible client intelligence back at the office. Making that critical information available to a field staff, a road-based sales force or management in the field opens innovative business advancements still to be discovered.
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You’ll get an understanding of the Resco products and how valuable they have been to a business community quickly coming to grips with digital transformation.
Presently, more than 2,000 companies use the Resco Mobile CRM solution.
Take the case of Premier Glass Products.
PGP is a manufacturer’s representative agency engaged in the promotion, sales and service of a variety of products purchased through the construction industry operating in Texas, US.
With sales reps who need to be in the field virtually all the time, PGP looked for a mobile CRM solution which could house all relevant customer information and was accessible from the field.
When evaluating mobile solutions, Resco Mobile CRM proved the most task-able and cost-efficient.
“Cumulatively, for a team of 8 employees, it’s saving our agency at least 10-15 hours a week, just on data entry alone,” says PGP design consultant Steven Smith.
Look here for a full case study on how business mobility Transformed PGP’s sales force.
And then there’s Enterprise Inns, Britain’s largest pub company.
The 300 workers in the field supporting the 5000 pubs throughout the United Kingdom needed a reliable mobile solution, customized for the tasks at hand for both property maintenance and account management.
It is the cost-effectiveness, flexibility and ease-of-use of Resco’s Mobile CRM product which led to adoption by Enterprise Inns.
When regional managers visit a pub they have all relevant information at their fingertips thanks to the depth of data provided within the mobile CRM.
Key benefits are the ability to retrieve data in offline mode, when visiting a region with unstable Internet connection. And for the field rep, suddenly the app replaces other equipment that would need to be carried for a site visit – it’s all about smartphones and tablets now.
“During the initial testing phase, we were able to have a detailed look into the Mobile CRM’s code and customization process. And we could see that it’s within our IT team’s skill set to pick it up quickly and be able to do the customizations we required,” says Andy Darby, Development Manager at Enterprise Inns.
And now Enterprise Inns are finding new uses, new self-customized innovations to optimize business and field efficiency.
You can read the full Enterprise Inns case study here.
Innovation continues, bringing new capability to mobile business solutions. Resco Mobile CRM is the mobile solution that gives users around-the-clock access to CRM data wherever they are. It can be utilized with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, or as part of Resco’s standalone platform — Resco Cloud.
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