How can Beta Testing reduce risks before the official App Update

Think of beta testing as an important phase of your business mobile strategy. Why? 
Because when the new version of your app comes, you and your users will be ready to work with it without compromises. Beta testing simply means improving the experience for your users and reducing potential risks.  
How it works
You enroll in the beta testing program, study and observe how the new app version behaves. In case you run into an issue, report it at as soon as possible 
How it helps 
Testing prevents you from risking potential crisis when you have hundreds of guys in the field working on a critical project.  

Beta testing with Resco – Important facts 

  • Beta is released TWO weeks before the official update of Resco products (4x/year) 
  • There are usually TWO beta versions (first beta and second beta a week later with first fixes) 
  • Beta is available for a variety of customers & partners – each Resco customization & use case is unique, so make sure new features work well within your environment  
  • You can also select a small group of users* and add them to your beta testing scenario 

Note: Afterall, we are talking about a TEST – keep in mind that beta version could contain some imperfections, although for us, it is faster and easier to implement fixes into the beta version that to the officially released app version. 

What to test when testing – 3 main areas 

We recommend testing your Resco-based solution/s in the following areas Critical section, Workflows section, and App design. 

Critical section 

  • Try to sync with the beta app and check if sync was successful (no errors in log) 
  • Sync notes/files & attachments (from SharePoint/Box/OneDrive/…) 
  • Sync calendar and contacts (from Exchange, Google – if you use it) 
  • Try to follow scenario of your users (e.g. for sales reps: follow Lead->Opportunity-> Quote-> Order)  

Workflow section

Open the following…  

  • all Forms that entail rules and check if the entire functionality works correctly (OnLoad/OnChange/OnSave rules + commands) 
  • all Views with Row Script  
  • all Views with OnClick events  
  • all Views with OnSave and OnChange rules 
  • a calendar where you use Rules  
  • all app areas (HomeForm, Views, EditForms,…) where JavaScript is used  

…and check if everything works properly. 

  • Run all Mobile Reports and check if all of them have adequate design and are filled in correctly 

App Design 

  • Check all Forms/Views/Maps/Charts/Calendar to make sure that overall design, including elements like color/font/size/position/images, is the same as it was in the previous version  

Try the latest enhancements of each update beforehand and learn how do they affect your daily operations with Resco technology. If you run into a problem while testing, please contact us at immediately.  
*We recommend choosing only a few users that know Resco & its behavior and their daily operations are not crucial & critical for your business – keep in mind, it is a test. 

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