How to set up automatic synchronization in Resco’s mobile CRM client

Let’s talk some auto sync.
Automatic synchronization in Resco Mobile CRM is a background synchronization that kicks in either when you start the app, when you change the data, or after a defined period of time.
So, if you want to take your mind of  manual sync and want the app to do it for you, do the following steps:

Users: Turn on auto sync in the app

Step 1: Go to setup section in the app and turn off Sync Login (that’s the window you got when tapping the sync symbol – where the URL, name and password had to be filled in).
Step 2: Select an option for the Auto Sync

  • On Start (app will synchronize every time it starts, even after it was running in the background)
  • On Change (app will synchronize with server after every data change)
  • On Start & On Change (the combination of the previous two)

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Note: OnStart auto sync is initiated at every app startup, unless one of the following conditions blocks it:

  1. Password is not saved
  2. Sync login is required
  3. Application was synchronized no more than 15 minutes ago
  4. No network connection is active
  5. There are some unresolved sync conflicts from last sync (it is indicated on the Home screen)

Admin: Set up auto sync in Woodford

Step 1: Open a mobile project in Woodford, go to the Configuration section.
Step 2: In order for auto sync to work, you need to set Require Sync Login to False. Otherwise the background sync will not work.
Step 3: Set Auto Sync to on start, on change or on start & on change.
Step 3 (alternate): Set an Auto Sync Delay – a time period for the automatic sync to kick in.
Don’t forget to convert the number into seconds. So, if you want the auto sync to work let’s say every 20 minutes, the field has to contain the number 1200 (20 x 60 = 1200 seconds).
You have the option to lock each field. If you do so, the users won’t be able to change these settings in their apps.
That’s all there is to the automatic background synchronization in Resco Mobile CRM. If you have any questions, our support team is there for you at
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