Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile client – Android 4.4 not supported?

Yes, it’s true. Microsoft’s mobile client for Dynamics CRM (a.k.a. MoCA) does not support Android 4.4. Which leaves a couple of people disappointed. If you are one of them, I’ve got a simple solution for you:
Try Resco Mobile CRM.

  • It runs on Android 4.4.
  • It connects to your server directly.
  • It works offline.
  • And it’s also free.

You’ve got nothing to lose.
Some reviews on Microsoft’s mobile app on Google play store:
Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile client on Android 4.4 - reviews
Read this other blog post to find out, what’s included in the free version of Resco Mobile CRM.
Update (November 2014):
It seems that, as of now, Microsoft’s MoCa is compatible with Android 4.4. Too bad the new version of Android (5.0 a.k.a Lollipop) has been released in the meantime. They just can’t catch a break, can they?
And YES: Resco Mobile CRM is compatible with Android 5.0/Lollipop.
Update (January 2015):
These and other reviews make me believe Android 4.4. is again (still ??) not supported. Seems that way…

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