Sales negotiation: 3 tips to empower your partners

Denis Rasulev Sales operations Specialist at Resco

Resco Sales Operations Manager, Denis Rasulev, underscores the significance of acknowledging all stakeholders in the decision-making process during negotiations.

In addition, he highlights that the fact of staying engaged with existing customers, as well as providing personalized resources, can directly impact client’s decisions.

For Denis, negotiating with a client is the most exciting task within a sales environment. Although the variety of scenarios and techniques is limitless, he outlines key considerations to bear in mind, increasing the likelihood of succeeding in a negotiation challenge.

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Grasp all decision-makers involved

Denis sheds light on the fact that people often assume that only one person makes the decision, perhaps the final one. However, the decision-making process is lengthy and involves various individuals. As a salesperson or sales team, it’s essential to be aware of all those engaged in the decision-making process.

We have a major customer using Resco Mobile CRM for their sales team in the field. This customer has hundreds of users relying on our solution daily. Thus, it was crucial for us to understand the entire team working on this project”, says Denis. By using Resco Mobile CRM, it is easy to identify and track these key individuals, adds Denis.

Nurture strong relationships with existing clients

Another crucial aspect, according to Denis, is to maintain the relationship with current clients and stay in regular contact with them. To illustrate, he mentions another client who has been utilizing Resco technology for a while, experiencing seamless operations without encountering any issues or expressing dissatisfaction.

However, during a business visit, Denis discovered they were exploring alternative solutions. Thanks to our strong relationship he participated in the decision-making process and assisted them in evaluating their choices and finding value. This situation emphasizes the importance of staying connected with existing clients, fostering a trusting relationship, and simplifying the negotiation journey.

Save time with process automation

Resco team is more than happy to support our partner’s sales and negotiation processes, providing various types of resources, as Denis highlights. Tailored presentations, ready-to-use templates, guides, and upcoming ROI materials are just a few examples.

Time can be strategic, used by negotiators to achieve an objective. With that in mind, Denis recommends automating tasks whenever it is possible. “Time spent on document preparation and handling requests is quite similar for both small and large projects. By automating processes, you’ll save time and remain effective”, explains Denis.

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Denis Rasulev

Denis is currently Resco’s Sales Operations Manager, and for over a year, he managed our customer-focused team specializing in Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. With extensive leadership experience, he has navigated diverse sales situations and negotiations, supporting businesses in building processes that optimize efficiency and time utilization.